The Daniel Connection (Full Movie) Thriller, Mystery, 2015

The Daniel Connection Full Movie. After her best friend, a reporter, is killed, a woman finds herself caught up in a tangled web of conspiracy theories, an apocalyptic scenario, and federal corruption.

Directed by Stewart Menelaws
Starring June Brogan, Morgan Carberry, Lee Davis

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  1. Not bad, a good one to watch while stoned.😜

  2. THINK YOU HAVE "LOTS OF MONEY" (ACCORDING TO YOU), Now, think all the possible way to use them, go to your wildest, craziest imagination, the worst ones you can think of. now, here is a fact: there are people bad people who exist for real on earth and they do have huge money! and here is a truth: human psychology is known to be attracted to the worst! bad things first! now please add the above statements and make sense out em'.

  3. I think we'd all welcome Aliens compared to the Are swipes in vog

  4. I cant believe she said "mark of the beast? What does that mean?" I guess she has never read the Bible!

  5. Some of us say movies can't be real… Yes I agree however the messages behind might say a lot differ…

    Remember the movie Corona??
    And what happened to the world there after???
    "the wise will understand"

  6. Great movie with two exceptions in my opinion:
    I very much disagree with Jews being "the chosen ones by God" and also it's not Christians who make terrorist attacks by sending out suicide bombers and such.

  7. Bom dia ótima playlist estou com 72 vídeos oculto e não consigo assistir

  8. Refuse ID Bio Chip – lose your job Refuse Covid 'vaccine' and Covid Pass – lose your job. We are in this now, it is not fiction. Behold the 'free' world . . . But of course, it's all conspiracy, right?

  9. In the Bible the borders of Israel are clearly described. It includes Gaza and The West Bank. Palestinians are of Arab descent, of which there is tons of Arab home land they can go make a life on. But they would rather whine and play the victim because they want the land that is NOT theirs.

  10. Cuz he knew what was going to happen. Boom !

  11. And Jesus is that way of escape ! MARANATHA !!!

  12. my dad is in this movie 👍

  13. All over the place, with ridiculously fake accents, and hideous, deafening, doom music.

  14. Controlled opposition propaganda. Look more closely.

  15. Sadly the Church is still asleep and haven’t awaken to the truth! The book of Genesis, Chapter 6:4 says that when men began to multiply on the earth and daughters were born unto them, the fallen angels found that they were fair (beautiful) and took as many wives as they wanted, and BORE children with them…these were the Nephilim, the men of renown who were giants on the earth before And after the flood of Noah’s day. Scriptures says that as in the days of Noah, shall it be again in the end times. What was will be again, the fallen angels are here and never left!

  16. Exactly whats happened today now.

  17. A little glimpse of Bible and its teaching was visible here. I am shocked to know that Bible is absolutely unscientific, hoax, full of superstition and ridiculous prophecies. It spread in similar fashion as Islam , that's, violence.

  18. So close to the truth, I believe. Call on Jesus and be saved. Before it's too late…..🙏

  19. 6 minutes in and I'm out👎👎👎

  20. It's 2023. Sorry, it's still happening.

  21. Why were the Jews persecuted? 109 Countries can not be anti semetic. Nobody cares about someones religion.

  22. No Actors, horses, Seahorses, unicorns, dogs, cats, or parrots died in the making of this movie

  23. Rewatch scary still more relevent

  24. 7 billion acres could give all people in the world 1 acer that alll we take up hardly any space… Faile

  25. Once again, closed captioning doesn’t match scenes. Typical of Popcornflix.

  26. And again," if you haven't done anything wrong!" And who decides what is wrong?!

  27. When you realize the FPF is the UNCCP

  28. Watch the proper full docco of "The Daniel Project" by Jacob Prasch, which is used throughout the movie. Its real and true.

  29. Lol and to think 2019/20 saw a Virus, where by everyone was scared into taking a Vaccine and would you believe killed how many People? 2022 and Dr's surgeries still on Holiday because the only way of seeing one is via a frigging phone, IF your lucky and STILL people do as they are told to take a Vaccine when its really over now. Well which plot do you believe for they not already bio billions of people they want to carry on killing the ones who know the Con!!!!!!

  30. Global warming bullsh*t. Overpopulation bullsh*t.

  31. The flag of the red dragon is flown in wales not china….china is the father…wales the son

  32. I mean People like Alex Jones, Russ Dizdar and countless others have been warning about this for YEARS AND YEARS. He’s really not crazy and neither is everyone else that’s been blowing the whistle. I just thank GOD that I was already waking up over 10 years ago so when the CO-19 came around I knew exactly what was up. I pray for anyone that fell for that and I pray for us all to be able to know how to navigate this.

  33. Aliens have been mixing with us for thousands of years there’s good aliens and bad aliens just like the humans.United States government and the pope have known about the alien since 1946 the day of the Roswell crash. Where do you think all our technology comes from their IQ is 350 way smarter they can fly UFOs with no engine and no fuel.

  34. Yes, I've heard of hybrids in our times THE END OF TIMES, the end of an era, as prophesied, as the Mayan said… what is not clear yet is, if Nibiru will be part of the great Tribulation, or if the lumination of conscience will happen before the police state, the michrochip, the enslavement…

  35. this what people in power do to control the masses they don't care you only have to look at what Putin is doing

  36. Too British for me, I can't understand a lot of what they are saying..

  37. One scary movie!!!!! Watch, think and decide for yourself. Thanks for the download.

  38. wow excelente pelicula 100 %

  39. The only way to change this from happening?

    Is to put GOD back in schools government buildings and police departments!

    10 commandments back on the walls and the constitution with the definition of what the constitution means!!

    The 10 commandments needs no explanation!

  40. This movie surely plants deep seeds of contemplation! 🙏🏻

  41. Weird how gullible peple !

  42. Sure…they  teaching
     in Lascaux caves…idiots !

  43. The Daniel Connection.2015.(_1h32_

  44. Wow seems like what is going on right now. I agree with their interpretation of the end times. Turn to Jesus!

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