Wu Tang Collection – Wu Tang Magic Kick

Director: Ting Chung
Cast: John Liu, Phillip Ko, Tung Wei, Chia Kai, Tang Bo Wen

Mar Tien Liang is the master of the Magic Kick. When his home is attacked by the Fang Kang he effortlessly defeats his opponent, but his wife Mar Tien Liang is horrified to witness such violence. She implores him never to use his magic kick again, and all is well, until Fang arrives to challenge the master.

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  1. That's the the same place where superpower fight was lol

  2. I always lol at the way the bad guy falls from the final kick Probably fell that way too avoid the dog shit ….or Hornets nest near that bush. LOL 01:27:52

  3. Love these old martial arts movies

  4. Description lays the foundation up to the last part with Fang. In between: Quan Yu Tang (Stephen Tung Wai) shows up to challange Mar (J Lui). Yo Han (Lui's wife's) brother is kidnapped. Mar tries to save him and his wife is then kidnapped. It's actually Fa Quay (Fang Kangs brother) who is behind everything. With the help of his best fighter Ta Sen Lung, Mar is able to recuperate to deal with the evil doers. Starts right off with plenty of good fighting. NOTE: These are only highlights and not the whole picture as to not spoil any outcomes. Wu Tang Collection also carries this movie on its alternative title Mars Villa.

  5. Anyone knows who created the theme song at the begining of this movie????

  6. 8:30 music ripped off from James Bond movie

  7. Remove the European "ADS" Have no place here!!!

  8. 😮 " Love John Liu. But, his kicking style isn't as extensive as Hwang Jang Lee and his characters are never able to defeat the head villain alone. His ally fought with far less predictable moves and outclassed him to the end. "

  9. Wu tang Moves are actually impressive how i could be their student to learn kungmfu

  10. Mantap guyz. Subs back dong

  11. Great Wu Tang Collection movie awesome 👍

  12. Thank you for sharing, great movie

  13. Cigarette,road,1980,2 movies on 1 ticket,Shamoly cinema hall,to walk, alone)))))

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