Wu Tang Collection – Shaolin Fox Conspiracy UNCUT Version

Director: LI Chao-Yung
Cast: Roc Tien, Doris Lung Jun Erh, Tien Ho, Kam Kong

The Purple Jade Badger: is what all martial artists seek, a magical elixir that will transform the drinker into an all-powerful kung-fu master! The Flying Fox comes seeking the murderer of his wife, but becomes ensnared in the machinations of the sects and rogue masters who seek the Purple Jade Badger for their own purposes. An idea comes to the Flying Fox: try to destroy the potion, and his wife’s killer will show himself. Unfortunately, this goal will leave him with only a few friends. SHAOLIN FOX CONSPIRACY is a martial arts movie loaded with weapons combat that culminates in a supernatural battle.

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  1. Yo you should add Magnificent Ruffians (1979), Ferocious Monk From Shaolin aka. Thou Shalt Not Kill.. But Once (1975), Last Hurrah For Chivalry (1979), Faster Blade, Poisonous Darts (1983).

  2. lool 0:05 well that escalated quickly

  3. This movie so tough it should be placed in the top ten ever

  4. ไม่รู้เรื่องฟังภาษาไม่เข้าใจทำไมไม่ภาคเป็นภาษาไทยบ้างแต่หนังดูดีมากชอบๆ

  5. Another one of those ones that I hold in high regard as being a top tier kung-fu flick. Followers of the genre need to see this! Two thumbs-up 👍 👍. …..peace ✌

  6. Thank you , for this beautiful movie and music


  8. More Wu Tang uploads, I love poorly dubbed kung fu legends.

  9. Can’t find a copy of this dub version. The one I have don’t have the jokes like this.


  11. J'aimerais avoir ce film en français svp.

  12. Nu contează vârsta omul contează bunul simț lui Dumnezeu oficial

  13. Acei miau creiat rau ca om sarac talenta si am ajus de rhs lumii ca acei nau un dumnezu . Voi da film vizionat va iubim oficial

  14. Nie comentarea pentru voi ie pentru sammon yung si fanii o parte lui bruce lee ofucial

  15. Fie care om lumii are un dumnezu dea hnvata binele de la dumnezu eu si alti am hnvata lucruri bune de la dumnezu fi si tu fiul lui dumnezu oficial

  16. Viata hn cer nus compata cu viata pe pamhnt oficial

  17. Dumnezu cum valasat discurcativa numai rau sa nu faceti de cht bine si deapreciat apreciaza viata munca music ie distractiea lui dumnezeu hn rest nul privestie discurcativa oamenii buni oficial

  18. Daca narfi animali pasari oameni arfi alfiel schimbat oficial

  19. Batai normal bocxser carate kung fu stravechi mostenirea creatira lutelori talenti animali pasari ne sunt maestri sa neaparam viata istoric a sprsveti fara animali pasari noi habarnavem dea lupta rau si binele pace lumii oficial

  20. Those wide flat bamboo disc hats really make absolute sense for sun protection. Light, and wide rim. It should be used nowadays still.

  21. Classic 👊💪🎥🎬👊

  22. These voice overs are horrible. Who's responsible for these poor efforts?

  23. 10:1210:40. I need that. Beautiful music

  24. Old school late night kung-fu theater film ktsf Channel 26

  25. Check out Merk Millions Martial Arts on youtube. Peace

  26. Really god kung fu MASTERS THIS IS A EDWENTURE I LIKE

  27. hale ya!!! i could tell just by the first few minutes with the flying and sound fx and blood this was gonna be good !!!

  28. The very first minute more action than the entire LOTR saga

  29. Description hits the story line hard. Names with faces ahead for start: Whirlwind Warrior is the guy with the boomerang blade. "Lou Sho Feng" (Roc Tien) has many fights. "Yu Lung" in the white is the groom for Aurora Lou (Doris Lung). Her father is Governor Yu (Wong Hap). Master "Cho" in the red is (Tin Yau). Mysterious woman that keeps appearing is "Sai Chu Chu". Good amount of fighting in the woods. Heartless guy kidnaps Aurora for another woman. "Lou Sho Feng" fights again "Wang Yu Hang". Madam Shang is the ruler of Heartbreak Red. Love, betrayal and treachery rears about. "Sha Wu Hen" meets "Lou Sho Feng". Movie is full of high flying, radical weapons, some kung fu but mostly fast action sword play. NOTE: Yes commenter Pierrecason is correct that man that morph's out at the end is Kam Kong.

  30. Thanks for the uploads but can you please not put in so many ads.

  31. Epic film love this..👌🏾

  32. Awesome I love this alot 😁👊🐉🥋🥊

  33. You are the four Kings aren’t you? Well you’re no f**** good! Lmao 😂 I

  34. The strings lolol the strings love it.

  35. This movie is full of plot twists lol not bad at all

  36. dude stop talking nonsense :DDDDD

  37. Who is the heroine who committed suicide in the movie?

  38. China ke sabhi product ka desh nikala karo

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