Wu Tang Collection – Magnificent Natural Fist

Director: KIM JUN YUNG
Cast: Elton Chong, Mike Wong, Lung Yuen
A classic tale of justice and revenge, the good and the evil, the winners —and the losers.
Set against an incredible scenario of panoramic magnificence, the feats of natural fist Kung-Fu extolled within this movie are unsurpassed.

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  1. Who is the dude in the tree with the red nose? So he just sat up there and watched these dudes kill ol' gal in the intro??? Savage sh*t…for real!

  2. Long arm??? I give up. This movie is over doing it. Too bad, such a good fight scene at the beginning. F💥ck this movie👎

  3. С рукой конечно загнули а так фильм 🎥 классный

  4. @ 24:22 minutes in is the battle star galactica theme

  5. Who did the sound track first , rhis movie or battle star galactica ?🤣🤣🤣

  6. Hot dang that was some good revenge 😳

  7. So is there an unedited version of this film that has the Abbott vs the big baddie?

  8. I laughed out loud when they started playing the Battlestar Galactica music.

  9. "Magnificent Natural Fist" ..title sound like a 70's porn movie.. LMAO

  10. Too funny I have it on dvd a classic.

  11. I love Chinese martial arts movies. Some of my friends say it's all fake but I countered to train tirelessly from a very young age of rigorous training most often repetitive for years on end. To refine it into a work of art. Is a testament to their spirit, resilience is a monumental achievement. Any mother of these brave men and women deserve the highest praise. For their unwavering strength and achievement. You go China, one day before I leave this world. I want to see the forbidden city so beautiful, colorful.

  12. Nancy. Ugh. The naaaaames.

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