Wu Tang Collection – He Has Nothing But Kung Fu

Director: Lau Kar Wing .
Cast: Gordon Liu, Wong Yu, Wilson Tong, Chiang Tao, Lee Hoi Sang

He’s lost his memory, but not his skill: After a fierce battle with a local triad gang, Hoi (Gordon Liu)is thrown over an embankment and left for dead. He survives the ordeal but has lost all of his memory, but not his kung-fu. His fateful meeting with a beggar leads to their teaming up for cleaning up the triad gang.

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  1. These are my kinds of show ooooo

  2. I love t watch old Kung Fu movis…d good old days I will never forget.

  3. 为什么总是天妒英才呢?因为没人管笨蛋活多久。

  4. Gordon Liu and Wong Yu at it again. I loved them in "Dirty Ho".

  5. Is it Chinese culture around just Kung Fu not any more creativity like westerns have?

  6. I must say I really do enjoy this one back in the day

  7. Really hate Kung Fu movies with Guns

  8. 😩 " Although THIS had a good ending, (Wong Yu) The Pickpocket character kept pissing Me off with his shameless behavior and tales. Fortunately, when it mattered most, He ' came through in the end ' . "

  9. Men will rise and just as quick they fall!
    Get right with God!

  10. Shaolin Kung fu best good like It’s any ones

  11. Esta película tiene más publicidad que pelos en animal

  12. uh oh they're playing dixie. 1:00

  13. We'll never know if he told his friend that he doesn't know him, this movie was wonderful!

  14. He know the truth but didn't want to tell him ….he knows that he have lost his memory…why can't he let him go…. fucking Beggar looking for his own good…

  15. Tremendo e maravilhoso festival de Palhaçadas.

  16. Second movie that I've seen Gordon Liu with hair never thought he did comedy just goes to show how versatile he can be, go Shaolin Monk!

  17. Someone should of told them lighting 3+ smokes off 1 match is very bad luck!

  18. My most favorite Kung Fu movies

  19. A very Good Kung Fu star Gordon Lui was always marvelous at Shaw brothers studios and even at Wu Tang. good movie

  20. gordo liu is tony jaa ancestor haha

  21. 34:42 after watch the movie this song appears in my mind all the time, I need the name of the music, anybody?

  22. Best comedy Kung Fu movies 👍

  23. Hell smoking killed so many smokers having to cross deep rivers in 40 lb 20 strap armour

  24. Dixieland played in a Kung fu movie…..

  25. Quisiera el audio en español

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