Wu Tang Collection – Drunken Arts and Crippled Fist

Spanish Version:

Director: Tong Dick
Cast: Lee Yi Min, Simon Yuen Siu Tin, Lung Tien Hsiang, Cheng Fong.
A wealthy man sends his young son away to learn Kung Fu from the drunken master. When he returns he gets involved in a fight between a local thug, who employs various fighters to do away with the boy and his father and take control of the local area.
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  1. Este filme é o filme mais ESTÚPIDO, que já vi!

  2. I’m always watching Kung fu, I lv it

  3. عمان معلم بالكونغ فو طريق الكونغ فو

  4. I thought this was a period movie…at fifteen minutes in they have a group of students wearing modern wushu clothing doing forms?

  5. is it just me or did the old man say at 43:5043:54 in German "das waren noch Zeiten"?

  6. The old drunkard kung fu master is the real martial art stuntman that I really love to watch.

  7. Wow Jackie Chan and his master of kungfu well done you're winners

  8. 2:23 The way he has his hand positioned & the name on the screen made me laugh…just a bit

  9. 40:05 apparently this guy's name in cantonese is "smelly big 'feline' (the rude kind)" HAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!!!!

  10. Enjoyed watching this movie 🍿🍿🍿 thanks

  11. Yuen hsiao tien is the best

  12. Why Jackie Chan look so different in this movie?😳

  13. Please keep these movies coming awesome definitely

  14. The legend old man
    Sam seed
    I hope they awarded him enough in China film industry he is great actor

  15. 23:09 I love that girl! A 'professional'! Drunken Arts and Crippled Fist is still one of the best out there. I love seeing these marvelous movies again. This is towards the top! Excellent story line, great martial arts, and great acting! A wonderful way to spend a Saturday Afternoon back in the day! Wonderful to see now! I'd give it an A-

  16. presented by tong dick I love this movie

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