Wu Tang Collection – Born Invincible

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Director:Joseph Kuo
Cast: Carter Wong, Nancy Yan, Lo Lieh, Jack Long

All fear the White Haired Man! Director and producer Joseph Kuo, brings forth what is considered a Kung Fu Hall of Fame masterpiece! Shaw action director Robert Tai and Yuen Woo Ping, and his clan join forces to bring a tour de force in action films. Carter Wong is the White Haired hermit, who has mastered Tai Chi, and uses it to deadly perfection. A superb cast, including Lo Lieh (Fists of the White Lotus), and Jack Long (7 Grandmasters), helps make this a must see, over and over again, a classic!

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  1. I remember my kung fu days I left everything behind I fix cars now 😅

  2. Last part when he was repeating his words where damn funny

  3. That first fight, epic. 🥋🥋🥋🥋🥋

  4. This might be Joseph Leo best film my opinion

  5. Most common words in this movie is master and brother

  6. 音声を日本語に変換できる機能があれば最高ですが、ありませんよね??

  7. Each one have His own weakness! Try to find it and youll succeed!!! Good dramatic movie.

  8. like a marvel character🤣

  9. I remember Carter Wong came to do a demo in my city, he'd hooked up with a local promoter, I was meeting my teacher at the same restaurant he was at, so when I mentioned him, he said he didn't recognise him, he just saw some people talking about how to chop people, so he assumed they were gangsters…Carter practices iron fist…Once you start down that path, you can't stop, everyday he strikes iron plates…"You can imagine the blow, It could easily kill".

  10. 1979 opuku cinema madina accra.i was 10.

  11. Lots of love from Malawi 🇲🇼

  12. Have watched this movie 16times now since 2009.

    Am still in love with this film.
    Born invincible is gold!

  13. I always wondered what were the sacred lotions the kid bathed in. Sheabutter, cocobutter, suave, jergens?

  14. Nobody dies like a kung fu guy…

  15. "Give him a quick trip to heaven"….best Kung Fu line… 😎

  16. Даже Джеки Чан здесь не помог бы😂😂😂

  17. N they put a pile of wet soil on ol buddies chest to heal him

  18. I have finished watching this movie.

    That Carter Wong would waste his considerable skills on such a piece of nonsense as this movie…

    … is truly sad.

  19. The movie script defines who wins. Good guys, bad guys.

    The winner is in the script.

    But the fight scenes need choreography.

    This movie crew had a really lousy choreographer.

  20. I'm here cause of kill bill vol 2

  21. You should have seen kung-fu zombie. With Billy. Chong

  22. Eureka Entertainment should release this on Blu-ray along with other Joseph Kuo movies such as The Mystery of Chess Boxing, The Unbeaten 28, The 8 Masters, etc

  23. The translator just might have meant Eagle Claw, not Tai Chi

  24. 27:45 when you're finished but she keeps going

  25. At 57:40 when he grabbed his nuts he said “can’t hurt me because I dont have it!” 😂

  26. Lol me n my bro have watched n rewatched this since I was 10 years old in 2002..never gets old! .. pure nostalgia

  27. Watching it for the 5th time. The best kungfu movie I ever watched

  28. This is my favorite Kung fu film 🇯🇲

  29. Cool na


  30. Thisisthebestkunfunomber1iamwatchinthisfromiwosyoungsooiknow

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