1. The most amazing part about this movie is how that one chicken fed 4 grown men

  2. This a good movie. Very well written.

  3. Holy moly the choreography in this film is masterful! Growing up I used to try to emulate this stuff in the playground at school, always failing miserably xD This film is my childhood <3

  4. You can know the strikes BUT PAI MEI WAS A Pugilist, that makes a whole Hell of a Difference….Ball Crushing Finale wouldn't be the End of Pei Mei. You would still have to find his weak spot…. lmao

  5. really good film .. unfortunately there is no Indonesian

  6. Glad to find this movie in January 2021

  7. if there's anyone who doesn't believe me then this sign i am not worthy of it

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  21. Director Joseph Kuo's film crew just standing around at 9:15 when Monkey Lu (Chin Yuet Sang) says, "Just watch me and you'll see then".

  22. Would love to watch the movie makers doing the sound effects.

  23. One of the most outstanding kung fu movie ever.

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