1. What a incredible action movie.

  2. does anyone know the name of the music begining around the 25 minute mark?

  3. No CGI or green screens Just incredible athletes, incredible martial arts, and incredible choreography. There will never be movies like these again.

  4. Masterfully crafted fight scenes and a top notch storyline makes this one a true gem.

  5. I remember going cinema to watch this kind of kung fu wow I can watch them again

  6. Well that's one long initiation and getting jumped in

  7. Walking on Air
    Then Crushed Baalls 1:28:06

  8. "Why don't you kill him.. when i taught you how to do it??"

  9. Hands down in my top 10 kung fu classics of all time…

  10. They fought over the medicine and didn't spill a drop!

  11. Best regards

  12. Absolutely outstanding movie. Teaches lots of lessons of life.

  13. Still watching this lol. Love it!

  14. Not in a top 10 movie, but it is one of the best stories, end fight to quick!! Anyone went Peckham late nite on Friday? Or China town, cinema, around 1978!!!

  15. Yes the seven bigs Masters of Shaolin.

  16. Each man needs his own style, one which suits him
    .. and any wise man chooses one .. matching his abilities.. and concentrates on that till masters it right completely.. no man can learn them all.


  17. The stamina alone.. I would be dead 😩😂😂

  18. Double feature kung fu movies Friday night old papatoetoe back in the 80s brings back great memories

  19. Not enough black white or Latino in this movie smh 🤦🏾‍♂️ (THIS IS A JOKE⚠️⚠️⚠️)

  20. Brilliant film -thanks for the upload

  21. Wz 10 when this f🎥lmed:
    😲utstanding Athleticism &
    Martial 🥋Artz skilz 🧐
    KUD🤓S 2 all nvolvd 👏🏾👌🏿

  22. Impressive, skillful best Chinese kungfu movie

  23. Impressive, skillful best Chinese kungfu movie

  24. Lol, torn his nuts up at the end. Classic!

  25. 1. Appear
    2. Run the fade
    3. Mop the challenger
    4. Thank and leave.

    Steps of the Smoke Champion.

  26. 1:01:561:02:02 … Prince Ken Swift brought me here! 🤣

  27. The kung fu it's powerful Martian arts ,

  28. The most amazing part about this movie is how that one chicken fed 4 grown men

  29. This a good movie. Very well written.

  30. Holy moly the choreography in this film is masterful! Growing up I used to try to emulate this stuff in the playground at school, always failing miserably xD This film is my childhood <3

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