Witchtrap (Full Movie) Horror, Thriller, Action

Witchtrap full movie. Parapsychologists try to make an inn haunted by an evil witch’s ghost safe for guests.

Directed by Kevin Tenney
Starring James W Quinn, Kathleen Bailey, Judy Tatum

Edited for YouTube ad standards

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  1. vincente who also does the voices for night of the demons and was also in witchboard is hilarious with his one liners

  2. Monotone dialogue, really bad acting. Not worth my time.

  3. When the best actress in a movie is Linnea Quigley you wait for the shower scene and instead get a kick in the nuts. also how dare someone clain "Full Movie" when it clearly is not.

  4. You know, Linnea has never looked so good….She usually looks like she parties WAY TOO HARD!

  5. Only problem with lie detectors is the lie

  6. quite honestly this is one of the worst actings i have ever seen. spent more time laughing at how bad the acting was then beeing scared.


  8. shouldn't Ginger had been the REDHEAD, not the blonde?

  9. Geez….They cut out Quigley`s shower scene! …..bastards……

  10. How much of this did you guys cut? It's ridiculous to get suckered into watching butchered movies. Are you following in the disney tradition of of cutting up movies to make them acceptable? Why even watch a horror movie when all the horror is removed? I'm blocking your channel.

  11. The gore and nudity has been cut out of this version. To see what's missing check out the breakdown of the movie on The Horror Geek

  12. Not full movie. Edited for YouTube Gore and nudity cutout.

  13. this movie isn't too bad, its honestly like the tv show ghost adventures. its ahead of its time with the ghost equipment and terms. also it has linnea in it and i just love her.

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  17. I can't believe I watched the whole thing. 😑 It was horrid. 2/10 😐

  18. Ok flic , good script but acting a bit wooden. Only in 30 minutes.

  19. A defanged dubbed TV horror movie that more camp than gore horror (it should have left in its original form)

  20. Pretty good movie better than what I thought. Old school horror rules

  21. For a pretty average plot, that was a pretty awesome film. Horror thriller action – heaps of all of it. Good upload!

  22. 😆😆😂😂😂 acting in those days was hilarious

  23. first minute of the movie and i already know this is garbage, what is that tomato sauce on the floor ? xd

  24. Hal Havins (Stooge from Night of the Demons, also directed by the guy who directed this movie whose brother also composed for both movies)

  25. 👹👹👹. Wicked film loved this. But I sometimes lie

  26. Linnea was so hot back then. I sent many swimmers into the abyss over her in this, Return of the Living Dead and Night of the Demons.

  27. Tried to watch once before…decided to give it another chance. Glad I did…little bit of a spoof, but watch until the end…it gets better…and is at least worth one watch…6 out of 10.😊

  28. Pretty sure any self-respecting ghost would be offended as hell if they saw this.😂 Yup…if your house is haunted, sick the roomba on the ghost.

  29. Let's go watching this classic movie

  30. For the 80s horror movie it was pretty good. The clothes, hair and acting 80s all the way. Comments from Columbus Ohio.

  31. The plot line is classic 80s, and not bad for its genre. They chose an interesting group of diverse characters, unfortunately the actors delivery of some pretty decent lines was wooden except for the action scenes…where they let themselves get into it. That said, I watched it and enjoyed it. Thanks for uploading these gems from earlier days. The evolution of film as a medium is fascinating when watched in its own time perspective and style.🖤🇨🇦

  32. Roxy where are you?…Room Service guy from the Holiday Inn Fairfield Ca.

  33. Thank you very very much for the movie entertainment.

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