Will Smith – Men In Black (Video Version)

“Men In Black” by Will Smith
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Here come the Men in Black (Men in Black)
Galaxy defenders (oooh, oooh, oooh)
Here come the Men in Black (Men in Black)
They won’t let you remember (won’t let you remember)

#MenInBlack #WillSmith #OfficialVideo


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  1. All he did was rip off the song "forget me nots" they all do it, no originality.

  2. Nice, I hope your career is getting better and, better.

  3. The slap is old ya'll 🤣🤣🤣🤣 but fr tho this song and the lyrics are so slept onnnnnn….not to mention the other men in black song plus the remix he did was so 🔥 💯

  4. It's a pretty cool movie it's pretty cool movie I never seen it see

  5. i still cant believe that the song fastlove by George Michael uses the exact same sample as this song!

  6. I'm AM not sure what to do I placed a Portal under to keep us from falling to Oblivion.

  7. Gerald, and Henry their from the planet If I'AM correct.

  8. Yes. It happens once every 3 years. Her name is Christina Rodriguez.

  9. I need Gundam Freedom Strike, or Gundam 00, or AstraCraft.

  10. This Song was a recyicled off of forgive me nots

  11. This song slaps harder than Will Smith at the Oscars

  12. Don't say it
    Don't say it


  13. Уилл Смит, супер актёр и певец

  14. Coko from SWV was singing the sh-t out of this song

  15. My son, there is no one worthy of me on earth, I will leave this country, this humanity will die in a worse world than on earth, how will the countries of the world survive on earth, now if the people of many nations of my country will not understand this? Georgia is the country of God and this country is in the hands of the enemy, the rulers of the country are traitors. of God.

  16. All jokes aside, this might just be the best movie soundtrack ever.

  17. Justamente esta música voy a bailar el 28 de octubre 2022

  18. Who else had this movie on VHS and watched the music video all the time on there?

  19. I Literally tried Looking around in the other Solar System, and had to Report in.

  20. Yeah your brother is Allegedly the Leader of the people on the Planet. I was reading articles. That Black Adam incident their trying to summon me, but I do not know which Planet…

  21. The people of the SpaceForce in the fortress are Zombies.

  22. William, your my son, Juan is my Son also your brother Brothers.

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