WILD MOUNTAIN THYME Official Trailer (2020) Emily Blunt, Jamie Dornan, Drama Movie HD

WILD MOUNTAIN THYME Official Trailer (2020) Emily Blunt, Jamie Dornan, Drama Movie HD
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  2. Beautiful and very emotional! I love everything about this movie:the actors, their characters,the story itself and,of course,the music!❤❤❤❤❤

  3. This is Emily Blunts BEST movie.

  4. The movie is made to make money. If you swap the main actors for Irish actors, the movie will fail miserably at the box office.

  5. The travelogue photos at the beginning and the "Welcome to Ireland… Once upon a time…" opening are a tip-off that this a romantic fantasy requiring a lot of suspension of disbelief in things like precise Irish accents… or a true picture of 21st century life in the Irish countryside… Should have been set in the 1950s with a script half in Gaeilge with subtitles… Still way more realistic than Darby O'Gill, or a Lucky Charms commercial, and maybe The Quiet Man… Might be interesting to transplant the "country folk" stereotypes to Appalachia, Vermont, Kansas or a Florida or California orange grove so angry Irish viewers might enjoy the quirky fantasy-romance while my American neighbors fumed about stereotypes … I hope some of the folks who dislike this will propose alternative movies that both entertain and present a truer Ireland. That reminds me I still haven't seen "Song of Granite," but my public library has this and not that. It doesn't have "The Commitments" either. Alas.

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  7. I'm sorry but can I just not watch the entire movie in the trailer please?! Whoever came up with this concept should be seriously stopped by now. Movie looks nice though, definitely going to watch it, but not thanks to this trailer.

  8. I watched the film yesterday. The horse does an excellent job of playing an Irish horse, very convincing in the role. Sadly, though, one competent actor alone can't save this cinematic pile of horse excrement.

  9. This is totally Dunbelieveable stuff..

  10. I watched the film for the story. I wasn't bothered at all about the accents.

  11. What in the Lord's holy name is this shite?

  12. Chandler would say "why was there kissing? there should be no kiss!"

  13. The comments make me not want to watch this move anymore

  14. As much as I love Christopher Walker he very much 𝘤𝘢𝘯𝘯𝘰𝘵 do an Irish accent

  15. I saw this movie yesterday. I started watching because of Emily Blunt and Ireland and kept on waiting hopefully for the movie to get better. It didn't. IT. DIDN'T.

  16. I really wanted to like it, misled by the trailer, an interesting cast, and the Irish scenery shots. I started watching and thought „well, doesn‘t really live up to the expectations“, but OK. And then comes the „big reveal“ plot twist right at the end and your just baffled how the director could get away with this absurd ending. I guess none of the actors ever saw the script before they signed the contract, or they would have opted out.

  17. Jesus Mary and Joseph and the wee donkey 🤣

  18. Jesus, this is an atrocity. Completely tone deaf and, of course, an Amarican's view of Oialand.

  19. I don't care about the accent. This is the best movie of that genre I've watched in a while!

  20. why did the trailer give the whole movie away LOL but i’ll still watch cause of emily<3

  21. I'm gonna be an odd ball here bc it seems like majority of you on here hated the movie bc of their accents. But I rented this movie at first and just truly fell in love with it. The cinematography and the music are just so beautiful and I love all the actors in this movie. I'm not familiar with the different accents in Ireland so I don't know any better and can't judge what's good or bad Irish accents. I love the simplicity in this movie and their way of life and it makes me want to put Ireland on the top of my bucket list for future travels. I ended up buying the movie and I watch every night before bed, that's how much I love it.

  22. God bless you my fine Irish friends and family hope I see all your smiling faces again

  23. What the hell is going on here? Should I be laughing or cringing? Just so confused.

  24. Well, I'm not familiar enough with Irish accents to know how bad they are in this film, but it was still somewhat enjoyable. I do like Christopher Walken. The dvd case says the film is based on a play called "Outside Mullingar" by John Patrick Shanley. Maybe I will track down the play instead.

  25. great scenery…movie is a tad strange but still good!

  26. Jamie is irish i thought he could pull it off??

  27. She said Jamie taught her the Irish accent. I see what she means. Will ye go lassie go is more on the Svottish side.

  28. Wild Mountain Thyme (2020) f'u"l'l M'o'V'i"E HD



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  29. oh tiddilly dee mary n' joseph n' begorah wid ye h'old bag o' shite

  30. Movie looks awesome but it just needs More Cowbells

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