WARRIOR Season 2 (2020) Trailer | Cinemax Martial Arts Action Series

Blood in, blood out. Watch the trailer for Warrior Season 2, a Cinemax martial arts action series starring Andrew Koji

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Warrior is based on writings by late actor and martial arts star Bruce Lee.

The series follows Ah Sahm (Andrew Koji), a martial arts prodigy who emigrates from China to San Francisco under mysterious circumstances. After proving his worth as a fighter, Ah Sahm becomes a hatchet man for the Hop Wei, one of Chinatown’s most powerful Tongs (Chinese organized crime family). Season two follows rival Chinatown Tongs as they fight for dominance amidst the growing anti-Chinese fervor that threatens to destroy them all.

executive produced by Jonathan Tropper, Justin Lin and Shannon Lee
starring Andrew Koji, Kieran Bew, Celine Buckens, Olivia Cheng, Dianne Doan, Dean Jagger, Langley Kirkwood, Hoon Lee, Jason Tobin, Dustin Nguyen, Maria Elena Laas, Miranda Raison, Tom Weston-Jones, Chen Tang, Joanna Vanderham, and Perry Yung
#Warrior Season 2 debuts on Cinemax and MaxGo in October 2020

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  1. This series is one in it field

  2. Did they just copied that first move from "Ong Bak"? Yes, they did.

  3. Full movie you tube me please Hindi me please

  4. I watched all seasons it's brutal actually I like it

  5. Damn,action pack…just waiting for season 3

  6. It's a great tv show hopefully season 3 comes out

  7. Fim này phù hợp với tôi, tôi thích kênh này hai.

  8. Haha is not like of Bruce Lee..

  9. Aduuuh niruin film ombak lgi.musuhnya satu kali pukul

  10. Ну и как название этого фильма???

  11. Please bring the season three

  12. Што за фильм кто скажет?

  13. This series is fire. I just finished it. I'm excited to find out they are actually doing a Season 3 on HBOMax!

  14. ohhhh ;;wait a min ; when was it released. How did i miss this.

  15. this is a good Kung Fu show. ignore that new Kung Fu show on the CW. cringe as F.

  16. Bisping getting kod 😭😭😭

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