War Movies 2020 Action in English Full Length Drama Movie


  1. Boring movie I hope who ever made it didn’t use tax payer dollars and invested his own money because I didn’t even bother to watch the whole things i skipped majority of it.

  2. nein nein geschütz‚Sturm Deutsch😫😭😭😭😫😭😭

  3. When they were in the barn, why did she shoot the one guy? She still had the knife, and could have made a quiet escape 🤦

  4. For the full movie with credits, see The Eastern Front 1:42:48 Movie Central

  5. Kesini gara gara doi

  6. families especially children parents are affected with this for hitler son of a bitch they have to pay like this so stupid to do evil things like this

  7. Bro What is this sheeeesh the 3 germans were 10 feet away from that Shell and 2 of em died sheeeeesh

  8. Такое ощущение что у русских воевали одни женщины. Смешной фильмец. :-)))

  9. This movie is verr nice

  10. Couldn't they have at least used a half ass german accent? instead of their british accent.

  11. Only the invading zionist hordes should speak english for a realistic movie. In Europe they spoke German before the invasion. It should be more clear that European soldiers and voluntears defended Europe against antifa terrorists and invading zionist hordes.

  12. Germans speaking English…. low budget crap.

  13. And the name of this movie is?

  14. German speaking English with British accent… Seems legit

  15. very good ,very sad war is war and hell

  16. Interesting story, though a bit unlikely.

  17. 10:14 There are many ways to be happy, but the fastest way is seeing you.

  18. I love this movie.thank you.i really enjoy with this movie ❤️

  19. English sounds so ridicilous

  20. Na think I’ll give this a miss after 15 mins

  21. The Germans killed approx 20 million Russians but when the snow came they did suffer so badly they were eating their horses then rats.

  22. The movie is absolute shit. Is it a war movie or not? Where were any German enemies other than the girls who were shot?
    Nothing more than boring dialog
    Absolute crap

  23. Nice! english spoken😘

  24. สวัสดีคับ

  25. are th protagonists German cuz they have nazi badges???

  26. Sargeant gets things done.

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