War Movies 2014 Full English – World War 2

War Movies 2014 Full English
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  1. 🙋‍♂️🤝👍🍦🍟🍔

  2. Duluh taktik perang Amerika kuran bagus….tapi tidak bagus.lihat saja di film ini

  3. Before Amerikan stupid war…don't like thecnick

  4. For as long as I've had this on watch later
    If knew that the sound was this bad I would have removed it from the start

    AND before anyone else says anything.
    I'm on Max Volume

  5. Am I the only one who is sick and tired of these ridiculous anti-German nonsense films? We have been lied to about our history and you had best believe it.

  6. Black dude with white dudes in WW2 . Nope.

  7. Many war movies are made for entertainment not all the filth and gore is shown ,but trust me war itself is always Hell and I am sorry for all those it has harmed .

  8. This guy keeps radioing in like he needs help….sorry to say this cuz I wasn’t there but stand up and fight with what you got

  9. That looks like Clint eastwards son if I’m not mistaken

  10. so shinny clean, super-soldiers very clean shampoo against dirt

  11. Beautifully scripted in consideration of great mutual appreciation and recognition….❤️❤️❤️❤️

  12. Good old racism. Quite good movie.

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  14. It's never to be admired it's terrible

  15. I really hope never will be another war in Europe. To many inocent people died and for what. All Western Europe was liberated by amaricans democracy but Eastern Europe was destroyed by Russian Soviet tanks and dictator Stalin. Thank you for this great movie. Greetings from Romania.

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  17. Use imagination & enjoy it like a play. Budgets can only go so far. You've got to start somewhere!

  18. What is Jesse Owens doing in this film?

  19. you got to get em in the belly. glad they saved that notion.

  20. This seems to be a good contemporary take on a period piece. Not too many out of date slips. But I need to check it out again. Thank you for making it available

  21. Saints and Soldiers – The Void 2014. In some countries the film is called Saints and Soldiers: Battle of the Tanks. During World War II, a black officer must find a way to convince his predominantly white tank crew to work with him if they are to defeat a superior German force.

  22. "My favorite pistol" 16:00. Looks like a revolver to me. As always in these movies there is a ridiculous gun fight 1:11:03 in which German bullets can't hit anything and American bullets miraculously hit everything.

  23. 1:11 – the 2 Amerians are shooting at the Germans. See the windows behind the Germans? The windows remain intact?!

  24. 1:07:27 How to ruin all the tension in your tank stand off movie.

  25. At 46:30 you can see the wounded tanker pull out his side arm and when he makes to the ditch with the English Lieutenant he side piece is holstered 🤔

  26. 1:22:12 the bad Nazi was happy at first but he quickly changed his expression he now knows what it feels like to get shot

  27. there is absolutely no way in hell a cigarette could ever set off that ammo …… i'll eat my undies if it could…. go to hell anti smoking lobby

  28. World War 2 (2020) f'u"l'l M'o'V'i"E | Best Quality HD


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    I loro stati di salute

    rispettivi prevenirli

    Ši traka filma ir tik forša, tik neticama. Es tikko pabeidz

  29. Wtf? Jesse Owens never even served in the military.

  30. That's not a Sherman tank. Didn't think they had M109's until after the war. If I had captured Germans I would have shot anyone wearing an SS uniform. They were the true Nazis. That cat patch were for tank destroyer battalions; never saw an armor wear both armor and tank destroyer patches. Most tank destroyer battalions were 37mm towed, crew served weapons. I've never seen toten kopf worn on the lapels of a German uniform. That's the death's head usually worn on the cap with SS on the lapels with the rank on the other.

  31. American soldiers too many talk.no good soldier..

  32. War is not squeaky clean. It was an interesting movie though.

  33. Has anyone noticed Matt Meese from studio C?

  34. Germans have screwed the allies.

  35. Made in usa war movie 😂😴

  36. Saaints and Soldiers: The Void 2014 … arguably the worse remake ever made

  37. Excellent movie… end is an emotional one

  38. I enjoy any war movie, they're all a tribute. Thank you.


  40. Fuck the law,
    do your worst .

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