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  1. And to think leaders are still to this day are edging us closer to these times once again

  2. What a stupid way to fight a war. Definitely the worst era to happen: where pitched-battle based mentality of past centuries met technology. Despite of killing less people, it was definitely worse for soldiers than WW2.

  3. World war one was the first "modern war. When I was a kid my great-grandfather said you'd get dysentery, rats would bite soldiers and kill them, and thirdly he said "I wanted to die". Crazy and in reality it really wasn't for any particular reason….

  4. Who’s here after watching German soldiers charging and dying against the French trenches. – great movie btw

  5. What is a Commanding Officer to do in this situation once you're out there? I couldn't imagine watching all your men die, whilst having the responsibility to lead them at the same time.

  6. It was like trenches in Roblox war.

  7. As American i say the English of that generation were brave men. I would be terrifed to run out of that trench.

  8. This explains why men had more rights back in the day, cause when it's time to die men are expendable

  9. I do not appreciate the shallow craters. No man in WWI would have tried to ford across a "water-"filled crater.
    They could be 40 feet deep, and were full of poison and rot. You certainly couldn't walk across one.

  10. Ahh yes, The Great Steampunk War.

  11. Fun fact: The British, NOT the Soviets, killed the most people for "cowardice" in WWI.

  12. Wait, Hollywood told me that only the Soviets did this kind of thing.

  13. WWII maybe have been bloodier but loving condition for WWI were just unbearable.

  14. The bagpipes made this scene sarcastic.

  15. people forget that the brutality of WWI gave birth to the culture of violence in WWII, WWI is not the little brother of WWII kn terms of brutality, no its the other way round, even hitler didnt use sarin gas on his worst enemies bc he was afraid of it

  16. That northern accent just makes it sound so much more serious

  17. Teacher: “Alright students make sure to go to that class from the park to our class!”
    The students:

  18. God bless that man on the bag pipes

  19. This is literally how my parents went to school.

  20. Whats the name kf the bagpioe song?

  21. Officers who tell their men to shot their own should be excicuted.

  22. BANZAIIII oh wait wrong country

  23. When the bagpipes start playing it sounds genuinely chilling. I cant believe how scary is must've been for every man on the field. RIP to every soldier who died in this pointless war.

  24. The difference between these and million Russian conscripts in 2022 is the lack of drones dropping grenades and machine guns behind the backs of charging conscripts.

  25. me when scotland the brave starts playing

  26. Horses are my favorite lol 😂

  27. Most WWI movies don’t manage to capture the scale of the war the way this movie does. The long shot with the officer blowing his whistle and thousands of men surging out of the trenches into a literal maze of barbed wire and shell craters while the piper plays them out is haunting.


  29. Make more videos I love it ……wwwwwwaaaaaaarrrrrrrr

  30. Spielberg has a way of making battle scenes chaotic but easy to follow. There are those half-second glimpses at something shocking happening then everything keeps moving along.

  31. the closest depiction we will ever get to hell

  32. Still can't believe this was a disney movie. This was the real deal show of carnage for kids.

  33. when me and the boys are doing a running competition: 1:02

  34. it is just scary to think that thing happend 100 years ago

  35. guys this is something we will probably experience again soon

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