1. This was one great Spielberg scene.

  2. When you job sucks just remember that only 75 and 100 years ago that was were peoples worked instead of the fast-food joint/office/convenience store you work at. And every day went you went to sleep the company had lost the equivalent of several city blocks in death in a zone about the size of the park playground and most of the co-workers you had taken coffee with/shared you dreams and memories and goals with possibly they day before were all dead. When you showed up for the Christmas party you literally didn't know anyone and almost anyone from the year before was gone and you ran thought a couple hundreds boss every year. Instead of complaining that your coworker didn't count inventory fast enough or didn't mop fast enough all you could complain is that you weren't able to "wake them up". The worst thing? You are mad if you think there's zero chance of you being in a similar situation as WW3 could break out at any time. There will be a third one, we just don't know when and instead of dealing with chemicals the battlefields will be full of radiation and cats turned into deathclaws.

  3. Did sergeants legit give an order to shoot any retreating man? Is there a source that confirms it?

  4. Do not compare this childish game to the bloodiest war in fucking history

  5. Please remember that British soldiers with severe PTSD (then called shellshock) were executed for cowardice. There was no mercy given by the aristocratic bastards in the chain of command. People from lower classes were made to fight whether they wanted to or not. We can see that in today's Russia where your ethnicity or wealth has an impact on whether you end up in pieces on the battlefield or enjoy a holiday in Turkey. Old men decide they want more land but it's the young that die.

  6. Man this is like watching the great sperm race but much more tragic and unsettling.

  7. Me with the flute thing music and I know that they are gonna die be like :

  8. 18 year olds in 1918 charged across No Mans Land into machine gun fire.

    18 year old in 2022 get offended when you misuse their pronouns.

  9. What is the insignia on the bagpipe boys helmet?

  10. Can’t imagine how scared these young boys must have been . On both sides

  11. Many of these boys would have been college freshmen if it was today

  12. The officer with the whistle is a badass. Just gets up that ladder and goes to work with no hesitation. A true soldier, along with his men.

  13. I don't think the Sergeant actually expected the lad to shoot anyone who came back. I think it was more that he realised how terrified that particular lad was and so gave him a task that had little to no chance of resulting in him dying.

  14. imagine the only way to advance was to run through a field sighted by the enemy and they have machine guns and men and rifles pointing at anyone and you could be any of the targets

  15. Trench warfare has nothing to do with tactics or strategy, you just have to outnumber the amount of bullets they can fire.

  16. So many people died to keep a monarchy whose descendant is screwing underaged girls and the other is a simp to an old divorcee with slave roots. They should have let the Germans took over.

  17. as Victor Hugo, French writer, said “A war between Europeans is a civil war. »

  18. I can imagine if I was a doughboy, I would be sent to a mental ward immediately after hearing that sound again. It probably wouldn’t help that I would likely have Tinnitus from the hammering of artillery, making this mentality worse.

  19. What tune is the piper playing?

  20. This movie did such a superb job of portraying the horrors of trench warfare in WWI; it shows these young soldiers barely out of boyhood turn from romanticizing the war to quivering in fear once they get a taste of the horrors of the trenches and the desolation of No-man’s land as they’re forced to charge through it to certain death. All for the glory of their empire.

  21. 😔 I can only barely consider how this actually happened. We can never let it happen again

  22. This stuff is still going on in ukraine, thanks to javelin and atgms just wreck tanks. Now it's just trench warfare in ukraine.

  23. WWI is perhaps the greatest tragedy in western society.

    In the Peter Jackson film, They Shall Not Grow Old, one soldier tells the interviewer how the first car came to his village in 1913, within 5 years he would have seen fighter planes and tanks all employed for the purpose of killing millions of men his own age… I don’t think this sort of thing is understood as well as it should be, you could never go back to a normal life after that.

  24. Why does it look like battle of normandy?

  25. This is why I’m learning bagpipes

  26. Every German gangsta till the bagpipe starts playing

  27. 1:07 i like the music anyone give me the name of the instrument pls

  28. The Insanity these men faced to charge over miles and miles of land while being gunned down mercilessly by a faceless enemy is fucking astonishing, no man alive today would have the balls to do this

  29. Bruv imagine just having a normal human response of fear. And trying to turn back only to be gunned down by your own.

  30. The most difficult and most prolonged battle in history(war against speed hypocrite)! Shot or getting butched in the fields!
    Smoking Marlboro cigarettes 🚬!

  31. The ultimate horse(the best horse!!!) 🐎😭!
    Never lower our standard(Tit-for-tat)!!!
    Never settle for mediocrity(confidence…)!!!
    Never retreat(this inch of land matters…)!!!
    The ultimate horse🐎!
    Congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations!
    If you have never cried😭/injuried 🤕/break into pieces😓 but still swollen the pain🤧, you have never succeed! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🙏💐💖
    Praising the King🤴(Born to be a leader)!

  32. The ultimate horse(the best horse!!!) 🐎😭!
    Never lower our standard!!!
    Never settle for mediocrity!!!
    Never retreat!!!
    The ultimate horse🐎!
    Congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations!
    If you have never cried😭/injuried 🤕/break into pieces😓 but still swollen the pain🤧, you have never succeed! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🙏💐💖
    Praising the King🤴(Born to be a leader)!

  33. The ultimate horse(the best horse!!!) 🐎!
    Never lower our standard!
    Never settle for mediocrity!
    Never retreat!

  34. Just follow the orders, putts (including me), understood!

  35. The ultimate horse🐎!
    Congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations!
    If you have never cried😭/injuried 🤕/break into pieces😓 but still swollen the pain🤧, you have never succeed! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🙏💐💖

  36. how it feels to play capture the flag in pe class

  37. school field trip to Chicago

  38. Being about 75% Scottish and Welsh this makes me feel really patriotic.

  39. that would be badass to be a bagpiper

  40. spamming GO GO GO
    "We are being reinforced with an air ship"

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