Volbeat – “Don’t Tread on Me” from The Metallica Blacklist

Link to listen here: https://smarturl.it/TMB-DTOM-Volbeat
Pre-Order / Pre-Save / Pre-Add The Metallica Blacklist here: https://smarturl.it/MetallicaBlacklist
All profits from this song go to Metallica’s All Within My Hands Foundation and Børne Cancer Fonden Denmark.
Video by Aaron Hymes

#Volbeat #DontTreadOnMe #TheMetallicaBlacklist


  1. horns up great cover volbeat!

  2. The breakdown at the end was sick

  3. Volbeat! My mind was blown by that face melting 20 second guitar solo! That ripped!

  4. Intro riff feels wrong rythmically and the rest of the songs feels a bit cut, pasted and patched together.
    Original is more heavy too. 4 / 10

  5. Better than the original.
    The black album is terrible, the whole reason I quit being a Metallica fan. Was pretty po’ed with the justice to begin with but black killed it for me.

  6. Liberty or death!
    Freedom 2022! F🍁CK Trudeau

  7. What did I just listen to??! 😮 I’m fully blown the fk away by this incredible cover. The new melody on the chorus is so beautifully done. Heavy, melodic, Clean, very much in the Volbeat sound. What an achievement. BRAVO!! Icing on the cake is this post apocalyptic video. I was expecting vampires to rush the truck. Like a scene is a badass horror movie. Racing the sunset. Incredible.

  8. Greatest band ever! Since Clutch! You guys are the most original roçkers!

  9. One of the best cover songs I've ever heard!

  10. Now I can't sing the original chorus in my head !

  11. Watching this really makes me want a video of it set to Russian armored columns getting annihilated in Ukraine

  12. the truck is URAL! I drove like that when Bulgaria had an army!

  13. 2:54 nicest part nice tribute hat's off ❤️
    Metallica 1991❤️

  14. I love it. And i love how you made it your own 💕

  15. The chorus is amazing. 🤯 Better than the original I'm my opinion.

  16. Great Metallica cover, with a few Tom G Warrior death grunts!

  17. Negahsoreyknow. I AM THEE MASTERBATOR

  18. Saw you live in St. Louis MS, USA with Metallica! Went just too see you! Seen Metallica several times. Awesome show! This is a fantastic tribute! Like this version as much as the original because you gave it that……. Volbeat!

  19. Picture this: Glenn Danzig singing with Elvis Presley dance moves.

  20. Never was a Metallic a fan but this is good I know it’s a Metallica song I’ll shut up

  21. motivation for ukrein-slava ukraine!geroiam slava!

  22. salvaged something

    "worrying way into concerning about it bothersomely bothering to concern about enduring it according to a justifiable plan ("of 'concurring' validations" [which they'd misunderstand for]) to feel thrilled about it because of realizing being overwhelmed by regarding it instead of figuring uninvolvement enough to not be bothered by it to notice more for enabling comparing elaborations enough for realizing to make changes to contrast instead of elaborating enduring more often.

    puns of interpretation intended"

    feeling burdened by painful nervousness – which would make me angry or thrilled to not be like. unless sorry (because of relating about the pain of burdening nervousness.)

    i was way too used to putting up with other people threatening me.

  23. Woooo increíble!

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