Victoria to decriminalise sex work in world leading move

The Age – Victoria to decriminalise sex work in ‘world leading’ move:

The Brisbane Times – Victoria to decriminalise sex work in ‘world leading’ move:

The Australian – Andrews government to decriminalise sex work:

The Guardian – Bill decriminalising sex work to be tabled in Victorian parliament by year’s end:

The Guardian – Victorian government to decriminalise sex work after review hears of exploitation:


  1. I'm wondering whether this is part of a shift to a wide legalization of prostitution in the western world;
    in New York they have announced plans to Stop Prosecuting Prostitution.

    Automation is here and many of us in both skilled and unskilled jobs are going to become obsolete;
    future updated versions of the Tesla bots will replace construction workers, police and soldiers etc

    It seems that Universal Basic Income and legal prostitution can be an option to pass the time for people that have no aspiration to move to the highly skilled sectors that robots and AI cannot replace in the near-future.

    Otherwise, I am happy that prostitution will be legalized.
    At the moment it is insane that I break the law whenever I buy sex directly while people in relationships (and pay indirectly for sex) do not face braking the law

  2. Well, with the lockdown this is kind of a theoretical only decriminalization.

  3. Thanks for the update on this interesting news. We don’t hear from you much these days, great to hear your voice again 🙂

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