Unseen | Short Horror Film | Screamfest

Unseen premiered in Screamfest 2019. Nicolas lives in the midst of a pandemic where a deadly virus is transmitted through eye contact. With a baby on the way Nicolas’ fears of infecting his wife Claire rise. He must decide whether it is worth the risk to be with the ones he loves or ensure their safety by abandoning them.
Directed by:
Grace Goen
Produced by:
Clement Lin, Edward Hyde and Grace Goen
Written by:
Grace Goen
Main Cast:
Riaan Smit, Kristina Hampton, Stephanie Izsak

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  1. Now I’m over here just blinking nonstop. You did this Screamfest! I can’t unsee the Unseen.

  2. In Romeo and Juliet rules, she now has to blind herself to be with him.

  3. the twisted, furtive, tormented lives of the unvaxed!

  4. OMG. great acting . the stoyline was epic

  5. This was crazy! Very tragic and desperate! Very scary if this were to be a reality. Nicely done.

  6. At the beginning didn't the friend say Claire was clean? So neither the husband infecting her nor she actually having it already makes sense. This was going good until the foolish ending

  7. Don´t give THEM ideas. They´ll just use that for the next politically correct Covid bullshit. Instead, the ideas should be given to…Linus Tech Tips! Thanks for your video! Kind regards to Screamfest from Ásgeir in Iceland!

  8. None of the comments are saying that she got the virus still from looking at him without eyes. Sad story 🙁

  9. ALL that and she ends up getting it anyhow? Were her eyes black in the end or no?……either way….You always keep me disturbed….thk you lol

  10. Not looking into someone's eyes is easier than one may think. Most people are looking down at their phones majority of the day anyways! Lol

  11. So is this where they got the saying "if looks can kill?" 🤔

  12. Caption in Portuguese or Spanish, I thank you.

  13. Caption in Portuguese or Spanish, I thank you.

  14. This was 'True Horror'.
    Good God Almighty.

    * * * * * / 5 Stars of 5

  15. Man I would have just put some sunglasses 🕶 on

  16. Really good work, not a lot pathos in much horror, thank you, this is very good.

  17. If this did actually premier in 2019, as the description states, you guys were definitely seeing into 2020! Kudos!

  18. When Covid-19 mutates 😷😱😱

  19. What was Claire sorry for? Watching the news!? Nicholas was a selfish asshole who got infected and should have abandoned his family for their own good.

  20. Cutting his eyes outward the creepiest and best part. Well done. We’ve had of the obvious

  21. Thought I'd give this film a look in, run my over it, so to speak.
    Excellent and well acted!
    Is the condition lethal, though?

  22. All that for something that is fake in the air.

  23. I liked this. But I feel I missed something. She in the end became infected. But he had no eyes. So maybe she is the liar. And she tested positive and lied to him. I'm confused. As to what this "virus" actually does or is. So many loose ends.
    P.S. why wouldn't people just start wearing sunglasses? So confusing.

  24. He must use sunglasses to masked the eye virus Lol

  25. "Unseen",yeah pretty obvious😨

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