1. Heno’s beret needs to have a long, hard chat with itself

  2. Nice… Any update S1. ?
    Thanks for your playlist

  3. Rather odd sign of the cross – one would expect spectacles, testicles, wallet and watch.

  4. Full action with Bergans, give me a break. badly designed packs , not what should be happening.

  5. Fantastic series…I watched them all, wish there was some more to watch, very good work, fantastic, thanks!

  6. the sergant is a laibilty.

  7. Great writing, great acting, great realism……would have been nice.

  8. 1 1/2h flying time from Germany to the Caucasus? LOL. In a Herc? Double LOL…

  9. at 22.49 it's me lol 🙂 i have died 3 times in this movie 😜

  10. Heather Peace and Sam Callis joined the Army after the Fire Brigade(London's Burning)

  11. Watch in HD Ultimate Force 4×01 Changing of the Guard Full MoVie

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  12. Great to watch but this one makes me laugh sas don’t go on like this they would have it all done in an hour without anyone known

  13. SAS are the best to do clandestine and covert operations, they are indeed individualists who can work well in a small group or by themselves

  14. Imagine a trooper fully loaded charging up at you, with a smile on face cos you know he loves slotting, and if you don't kark your shart you've more nuts than PK. "People don't realise, and shocked to know a quite few of us really loved it" RIP tiger.

  15. 1:30:23 – Sees bullet pass by…fucken shit!

  16. What an idiot director. I'm an ex-navy puke, and I know better than to post a trooper in the middle of an intersection in hostile territory, where they have a bullseye front, back, and on both profiles. You lost all credibility with this one.

  17. 28:35, world's slowest parachute landing. Hilarious how the actress sticks with the script and still does a roll when she lands.
    54:22, land mines go "boom" when you press the contact (including the mentioned "toe popper") not when you release it. Common tv/movie mistake (or done on purpose) for drama's sake.
    Still LOVE this show though!

  18. Grant Mitchell’s hair failed selection

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