Did you fail? 😉

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  1. No idea who these are. Try real Disney sing alongs.

  2. I tried….. I failed at Fly on the wall 😭 I couldn’t help it 😂😂

  3. i was doing great until hannah montana!!!

  4. Not only do I know the cheetah girls song but I remember the dances 💃🏽 “amiga cheetahs friends… for.. LIFE” 💃🏽 💃🏽 💃🏽

  5. I'm such a disney nerd.
    I made it less than a minute before I started singing along. "Burnin' up" is what got me going. Then had to sing along to "He could be the one," the Suite Life intro, "Like Whoa," "What dreams are made of," the Sonny with a chance intro, "Starstruck," "Make it happen," "Introducing me," "Fly on the wall," "Determinate," "Send it on"

  6. Sorry I lost it at Push It to the Limit.
    It's too much of a bop I can't.

  7. Well, since I've never heard any of these songs and they were mostly pretty average, it wasn't that hard to not sing along.

  8. Y'all forgot I Put A Spell On You on Hocus Pocus damnnn

  9. Ready for me not to sing
    Since I don’t know any of this songs

  10. Efrons choreographer did him dirty 😂 😂 😂

  11. currently crying cause i miss my childhood

  12. I didnt know any of these songs but i watched them so thats embarassing


  14. Is singing in your head cheating?

  15. My whole childhood in this whole video

  16. The song at 2:48 sounds like a shitty rip off of the Fugees Ready or not song.

  17. I'm too old to know any of these.. I wanna do a 90s kid version!

  18. Princess protection program >>>>>

  19. Let It Shine is criminally underrated.

  20. I made it but 1:22 & 2:20 were a struggle not to sing D;

  21. in one of the song was that lily from hannah montana with aurora

  22. Bro how do you put the hardest one first. Who doesn’t sing with bet on it?

  23. Funny and cool to see Naomi Scott on a Disney channel show, and she is a Disney Princess; Princess Jasmine.

  24. so freaking hard, i broke 3 times! the theme songs and disney channel original songs are just so catchy and nostalgic that I couldnt help myself!!!!

  25. i was good until burnin up came on lmao

  26. easy as pie and I know a good few.

  27. U can just go back to ur child hood duuhhh on disney plus 😂 that's what I do

  28. I was doing so good because I didn’t hear any of the previous songs before then you play calling all the monsters from Monstober man that is my childhood when Disney was good you are evil saying I can’t sing along .

  29. Bruh you really had to hit us hard from the get go huh??

  30. The Disney stars today are talented there music just isn’t a bop like the last ones use to be 🥲

  31. i couldn’t even last a second lol

  32. i failed already within 10 seconds

  33. Sad to think some kids will never know these songs 😢

  34. Dun
    "If you could gaaaaze into futuuureee"

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