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Truth – A reporter is killed whilst investigating a story & her college friend and former professor join forces to try and find out who killed her.
2006. Stars: Stephanie Zimbalist, Thea Gill, Dean Cain
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  1. so sick of producers having female actresses always flaunting their boobs in movies like this ..put a bra on and wear something that is decent …We don't see movies for general audiences with men flaunting their male organs , in little attire , and it would be nice to watch an intelligent movie with a well thought out storyline and plot without all the trampy women

  2. Only very immoral women who do not respect themselves run around in public half naked with their breasts half hanging out, nipples showing, no bra, Etc.

  3. More Hollywood trash full of half-dressed women. More objectifying young women like Hollywood is good at exploiting.

  4. There are three female sleuths in the movie. The oldest one dresses professionally, and never displays any body parts. The middle in age, the center of all attention, goes braless and shows a lot of bare shoulders. The youngest comes across as eye candy in every scene, with constant displays of ample cleavage.
    Just sayin'.

  5. Great film, thank you………….

  6. Trite, and overacted!

  7. When the first scene is a woman getting out of her car and walking off into remote area … carrying her purse. πŸ˜† No.

  8. great movie evil people always get what is coming to them thank you

  9. Oh good what a surprise someone get killed in 2 min.cant have good movie without a murder.

  10. a fun film about the good old days, when journalists were really journalists

  11. nice ending great movie please post more like this

  12. Great movie. all actors played their parts well. Interesting storyline. I give it 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐'s. Very well done. Loved the ending.

  13. A truly wonderful movie from start to finish! Amazing acting, a really involved plot brought to a rightful conclusion. This is as good as it gets! Thanks for posting this. And Superman is still good looking: a little heavier, but dashing in that perfectly designed goatee.

  14. This production has the 'feel' of a daytime Soap Opera. πŸ˜†

  15. FAIL: FUEL leak puddled under rear mounted gas tank, in tall green gass (open-air field), far from engine ignition source.
    Gas doesn't explode it burns; concentrated vapors explode. 😞

  16. How does someone SHOW UP with NO BACK UP & SELF Protection ? How DUMB could she BE ?

    Arrogance will GET you KILLED !

  17. Is there a woodpecker in the cemetery

  18. Carl sounds like the hooded claw…

  19. Did anyone else besides me think the star was Carrie Fisher? Their voices and appearance are very similar to me.

  20. Comments are encouraging. We know not how we will react, but I think most people in hiding (15 min mark) would listen for the predator to move and not keep jumping up like a Jack in the Box looking and compromising their safety. Look forward to this upload. Ty.

  21. Lol…cars don't blow up "by accident."

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