TRUST Trailer (2021) Victoria Justice, Romance Drama Movie

TRUST Trailer (2021) Victoria Justice, , Matthew Daddario, Katherine McNamara, Romance, Drama Movie
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  1. Wow as somebody who’s seen victorious and shadowhunters, it’s so cool to see these actors especially Kat and Matt with amazing chemistry all act together in this

  2. yooo it's like clalec happened in another universe XD

  3. I was trying to see more matured victoria

  4. I love that both kat and matt are in this!! 🤣

  5. another movie about genitalia – be still my heart as whoredom is alive and well -but what about love – hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  6. I believe Victora Justice is the prettiest woman i’ve ever seen.

  7. Magnus and Jace didn't like this…

  8. Whats the song? Been loving it.

  9. Bu karantinadaki Zeynep değil mi lan??

  10. Lucien Laviscount sounds like a vampire/dracula's name…🌹🌹🦇🦇🖤🖤

  11. I'm honestly very happy to see Victoria Justice again

  12. Damn I almost forgot how hot Victoria Justice is, she's more hotter in this movie than her days as Tori in Victorious.

  13. She's even better in A PERFECT PAIRING 2022

  14. alec and clary from shadowhunter jaja

  15. does anyone know what's the song's name

  16. Movie was TRASH. Nothing even really happened with her and the artist dude but her bf cheated . So no conflict there no suspense and a weak ass twist…

  17. What a shite accent the actor Lucien has for "Irish". Did he practice looking in the mirror, biting his bottom lip, speaking the words "top of the morning"?

  18. Does anyone know the name of this song and the artist? It is not overcome by Ugonna listed in the description.

  19. I swear this guy plays the home wrecker in every single role he does lol better keep my bird away from him 😂😂😂

  20. Victoria justice is distractingly beautiful I couldn’t focus on anything in the movie

  21. Time's finally coming for Victoria too❤️

  22. That's not Victoria that's Elena Gilbert in a dilemma with two(mortal this time) men AGAIN.

  23. I didn't know Alexandria Daddario had a brother

  24. Oh its alfie and emily in Paris lol

  25. i cant stop seeing Victoria as tori, happy she's acting again tho

  26. Can i know who sing this song?

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