Transit 17 | Full Action Sci-Fi Movie

**This film is under license from Vision Films Inc. All rights reserved**

Transit 17 – The year is 2026 – Europe has been devastated by a virus that has turned a huge portion of the population into zombies. But there are some who are holding on to some hope that they can live a normal life again – they are The Resistance.

Stars: Guy Bleyaert, Zara Phythian, Lee Charles

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  1. Feels like the story was based on a ps game The Last Of Us.

  2. What's a masa Cure for masa cAr… 0:06:10 😜.

  3. We got Zombies in the White House with Joe Biden as the Zombie cult leader.

  4. Top film that ''mate .👍👍🤔''

  5. How do you all find all these bad actors

  6. It's that Ronaldo? 😳😁

  7. Why do they have to go onto an abandoned house when they had the tools to repair the vehicle, the man was asked, "did you bring the tools to repair the pig, yes he said, then the guys says maybe you can find some tools in the barn that will work!

    so why go into a house, looking for what? splitting up and going into dark rooms alone! so stupid and predictable, just like in monster movies when the people have no problem making out in the same house next door to their friends, but for some reason they get all modest when nature calls and they go 1 mile into the dark forest with the monsters roaring in the distance,

    for some unearthly reason they have to go so far into the woods just to take a leek, or a dump, and it is the same in every movie, and for that matter, why do movie producers have to show so many movies with people going "poop poop", and "peep peep"??? really we do not have to see that!!!

    And why did they have to go into a house with blood spatters on the walls, and strange noises coming from unknown places, THEY HAD TOOLS IN THE RIG!! SO WHY DID THEY HAVE TO GO INTO THE HOUSE??? pft!! sooo lame!! boringly predictable!! and I've seen it before.

  8. I guess they only had tank tops for the women.

  9. Another British LMN syfi, sigh.

  10. I had seen this before, but enjoyed it again. Seemed a bit strange that humanity wasn’t United against the zombies.

  11. Reminds me of the game Metro 2033

  12. What happened to the dude that got captured?

  13. Actually I didn't bother watching past about 8:56 seeing it was centered around vaccines. Put out sometime in 2019 I figure it is likely that this movie was just thrown together and put out to make people subconsciously comfortable with the idea of taking all the doses of the vaccines. Covid 19 is man made and was not released in China either by accident or intentionally. It was designed to be not especially lethal because they could not risk a lethal virus coming back to China at some later point. Chinese were infected and sent out into the world as were pre-infected test kits and masks given free from China to the world so it would seem to be very contagious and just everywhere. The Chinese controlled world media and health orgs made it seem that it was highly lethal so China could ruin economies and kill millions with lockdowns and food distribution holdups on the way to killing pretty much most of the world's non-Chinese races with the vaccines that were designed to come later which were the real kill and populations control shots. So basically China attacked every other country in the world for the purpose of Chinese world conquest and domination. Just Communism again which is really only a facade to dupe and trick stupids into working for Satan's destructive agendas which are the only type agendas that Satan has or could have.

  14. Yup just like in todays times; Socialist Democrats, Marxist Left, with Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Walters and the 4 are the zombies and the rest of us are the "Resistance"…

  15. Gee whiz.This movie is about a virus that turns people into zombies.
    And in the real world we have a virus that people have been made so fearful of they will act like zombies.
    Zombies are mindless.
    Citizens have become mindlessly obedient to their government's orders

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