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  1. Which Comedy Movie Are You Most Excited for ?
    00:00 The Broken Hearts Gallery

    02:31 A Nice Girl Like You

    04:38 The Kissing Booth 2

    07:16 The Swing of Things

    09:49 Free Guy

    12:53 Bill And Ted 3 Face The Music

    14:10 Space Force

    16:40 Easy Does It

    18:16 Yes God Yes

    20:04 Looks That Kill

    22:16 Made in Italy

  2. Why did Steve Carell accept that role. The trailer was difficult to watch.

  3. Free Guy trailer practically showed the whole movie. Believe me I just watched it.

  4. Yes god yes is actually really good movie , it’s a good coming of age movie. Sadly I can’t say that for the rest. Besides free guy that looks good

  5. searched : best comedy movies
    YouTube : oh here are some of our movies all about sex, drugs, parties, alcoholic dramas which you can never see with your family .
    and yeah ,there is no comedy but we consider it as comedy cause its about sex…….HAHAHAHA so funny right

  6. when did comedy movies become chick flicks :(((

  7. Movies are lame these days. Not even worth pirating

  8. I don't get how these are trailers when they basically show you the whole movie😅😅😬

  9. I really wanted a movie like American Pie 😭😭😭

  10. Ok nobody is saying it but what is up with all these comedy movies trying to push women into comedy movies seriously they're not funny no offense sure there are some of them that are incredibly funny but very few of them wtf is up with all these movies constantly pushing womens comedy films bruh stop it its bad really what happened to those actually good ol days when movie were actually funny will ferrel, jim carrey, Robin Williams those were the actual funny actors

  11. It looks like free guy is the best one

  12. Oh dear, Linda Himlton looks like Iggy Pop now!

  13. Jeez there may never be a good comedy again these first few trailers are nauseating pc pc pc pc

  14. This movie for generation-z not for me

  15. Is this woke comedy? Our future is bleaker than I thought 😕

  16. Wow it's sad that comedy is dead. All these movies look awful.

  17. Thanks for putting a list♥️

  18. comedy???? this is the worst list i have ever seen

  19. Wow, that's what counts as comedy now. Hollywood is dead

  20. There is a museum of broken relationships in Zagreb, Croatia. It opened in 2010 and in 2011 they received Kenneth Hudson award for museums. Don't know if there are more…are they?

  21. The movies are as trash as 2020

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