1. 00:00 Free Guy

    02:32 Freaky

    05:19 Hubie Halloween

    08:10 Buddy Games

    10:40 Bill & Ted Face 3 The Music

    13:06 A Nice Girl Like You

    15:08 The Babysitter 2 Killer Queen

    17:40 The Broken Hearts Gallery

    18:44 Chick Fight

    21:16 The Kid Detective

    22:15 The Opening Act

    24:18 1 Night in San Diego

    26:19 5 Years Apart

  2. what is the song name from minute 2: 32 ????????? Thank You Human!

  3. 0:31 how politely she asked him🤣

  4. So basically Wreck it Ralph LOL

  5. It's like a Gay version of Grown Ups (Buddy Games)

  6. The movie Revengers coming soon this coming summer of 2023 rated R for older ages a movie about anti villains I meant to say anti-heroes starring Freddy Krueger Jason Voorhees Ghostface Chucky Sam barrel and finally the Kool-Aid man and secret agent Pennywise one new movie The Revengers a superhero parody movie

  7. free guy and myb buddy games are the only ones worth spending FREE time, rest dogshit, faking bs scripts and horrible actors. Officialy quality movies are dead

  8. Jesus loves you all ✝️❤️

  9. 5:19 I'm no organ donor, but I'd be happy to give you my heart.

  10. all these looks so bullshit.

  11. Well are thee comedy movies? Most of them ar horror mixed comedy lol.change the godang title

  12. How are these comedy movies

  13. A nice girl like you is the best

  14. At 3:33 The guy said: "You are black. I am gay. We are so dead." 😀 HAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAA

  15. who's the girl in the thumbnail

  16. Chick fight, really they have to steal fight club now, marvel heroes, Ghostbusters and doctor who not enough? still waiting for a male rip on sex and the city for payback!

  17. I like how they have to artificially age Keanu to make him look older))

  18. The Kid Detective was filmed in my city actually. As soon as I saw the trailer here, I was like "hey that's Main Street and that bar is at the Voyager Inn." Hallmark has also done a lot of films here.

  19. Who made this compilation should visit a shrink !

  20. Brain-dead ''movie'' producers are making ''movies'' for brain-dead viewers… 🤮

  21. And America moves further and further away from the rest of the world……

  22. Oh boy…. despite being July of 2021 is so frustrating to think this was even considered the "top" upcoming back then. Kind of sad for the most part tbh.

  23. lmao we are a couple of couples

  24. All trash besides Chick Fight…..

  25. well bill and ted is forever ruined

  26. RIP Alex Trebeck!! ❤️ Jeopardy was my showw

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