Top 9 thrillers 2020

Top 9 thrillers 2020

Top 10 best thrillers of 2020 –

– NLO22 – Sedative

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  1. Watched Rental ….was an amazing Movie!!!

  2. The Rental & Run nice movies for Halloween.👻

  3. I like your videos, I’m a subscriber. But you kinda include too much info. You’re not doing it on purpose but since most like me watch these videos for your taste in movies and not your film critiques I thought maybe a little bit of feedback might not hurt. Saying that something is a thriller or mystery is one thing but stating that viewers are led down false storylines is completely irresponsible on your behalf. I’m not gonna watch that movie now because I know the "mystery reveal" won’t be the intended enjoyable surprise.

    One more thing don’t you think the people that all the creative people that put the work into writing and/or producing a clever plot twist kinda would like the viewer to find that out themselves? I mean they don’t advertise the plot twist in the trailers and what not so why are you? I come to watch b/c of your excellent taste in movies that I maybe haven’t seen. I don’t come to watch so I can discuss or see if my opinion is the same as you on movies I’ve already seen I’m hoping to get a good movie suggestion I haven’t.

  4. dreamland ending was shit

  5. All of that is IMDb low rated movies

  6. I really like this video cause it really showed me the hidden gems of Netflix! I watched dreamland and it was awesome ! Keep on making more videos like this ! 🥰🥰😇😇

  7. Need best sci-fi/ best war/best western/best comedy..films…

  8. Good presentation… Clarity and Clear review… Run is a amazing movie… Good theme and Screenplay

  9. Please ensure that all the movies where can watch.

  10. Run is the best on this list!!

  11. Why is everyone saying great list, nice job. JUST TELL me WHICH ONE IS A BANGER!!!! That’s your job in the Comments

  12. anything under 6 on imdb is gash

  13. When you learn through experience you say, this has happened before. It happened again. It has to happen.

  14. Excellent list! I think I just found my go to for lists on great movies because you kept listing off premium films that quench my desires perfectly! I'm also an Instant Subscriber after what I just saw! Well done!👏😁👏😍👏😁

  15. New sub here . Awesome lists on your channel . May I ask for help finding the name of a either British or UK based crime , horror , not really sure but for a few descriptions , I recall a dad and his young daughter who is very sick and are in the backseat with the driver being a criminal who I belive stold the car and I recall seeing fire in town and someone had on a eerie bear costume , they drove past , I think Halloween party but I do know the movie ends with a very sinister twist that evolves this father who held his daughter in the backseat the whole time , I believe the father and daughter were being held again their will . Please , please help me figure this one . Namaste💜

  16. Jamaican dread giving a shout out 8763767881

  17. 09. Marionatte
    08. Dreamland 2020
    07. Intruder
    06. Nocturne
    05. Breaking Surface 2020
    04. The Rental
    03. Let hum go
    02.The call
    01. Run

  18. I was angry after Let him go because it reminded me that women will make us do anything for them without even considering mans opinion or health

  19. "if you close your eyes" ah yes the optimal way of making bad movie look good

  20. I'm here because wanna hear she said
    'see you bye' 😊
    by the way i will watch noctune..

  21. Let him go: Kevin Costner and Diane Lane stars as husband and wife… as they did too on Man of Steel.

  22. run is garbage , doesn't deserve #1

  23. I watch all your videos , Nice narration -Kamesh India

  24. Thank u very much! Glad I found u! I immediately subscribed! Love from Greece ❤️

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