Top 9 best action movies in recent years

Top 9 best action movies in recent years

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  1. this all here are full of bullshito and nive scenes but main role character can only survive on that way

  2. Mosul was far better and realistic and so does extraction and John wick, and the night will come for us, triple Frontier don't stand a chance

  3. Excellency choices, shame I've seen them al 🙁

  4. You see The Night comes for us 2018 Indonesia action thriller movie

  5. Came here just want to hear she said 'see you! Bye….' 😊
    And now time to triple frontier…

  6. Tripple frontier
    21 bridges
    The gangster the cop and the devil…

  7. Triple Frontier would have been the best of the best of they were haunted by the men whom they stole money from while running away.

  8. I absolutely love that you choose NEW best movies and try to choose genuinely great movies, rather then falling into the same rut as most "top 10" list shows and just doing the "most famous" rather then the actual best.
    I love that you included 21 bridges, the foreigner, and den of thieves since they're all seriously underappreciated. They're not unknown but they have a fraction of movies like the taken series of john wick despite being just as good

  9. waited so long for the video!!

  10. Scene произносится не сэн, а син.
    Weapon не уипон, а уэпон.

  11. Make a list like Top 10 thriller or Mystery or Action whatever movie’s of 2001,2002,2003,2004,200…………..I watched the video of top 10 thriller of 2020….So u should make this kinda video of past years..🔥.It will be very helpful to us.

  12. I like English movies very much. I can not download some movies. So start a telegram channel and upload movies. Please🙏

  13. You will always have our support

  14. Start a telegram channel. Upload movies to it. This will be very useful for us.

  15. Do you have a telagram channel?

  16. Hi🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️

  17. I love that your list has foreign films on them. I've become a huge Korean Cinema fan. I've even begun watching some series on Netflix.

  18. Fallow my channel, it's will be interesting

  19. Underratted channel 🙂

  20. 1 like for the list I had watched 6 movies from this going to watch others

  21. The Foreigner is the best

  22. Keep going like the way u explain

  23. 9: 0:34 Black and Blue
    8: 1:27 Death Wish
    7: 2:22 Yip Man 4
    6: 3:32 The gangster the cop the devil
    5: 4:32 21 Bridges
    4: 5:34 The Informer
    3: 6:28 The Foreigner
    2: 7:21 Den of Thieves
    1: 8:20 Triple Frontier

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