Top 9 best action movies in recent years

Top 9 best action movies in recent years

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  1. its IP Man not Yip Man lol

  2. I watched all of this in one day i started in 12 pm and i realized it was 4 am after all the movies were completed (technically it was not one day cause 12 am means a anew day but it was less than 24 hours so its technically in one day)

  3. I love your channel, I always find something to watch ❤️

  4. I know the some good action movies in the recent years the honest thief, The Marksman, bright , nobody, dangerous , without remorse and the wrath of man.

  5. I only check the names of the movies and don't listen to your synopsis, sor you to spoil movie even a little. After watching 21 bridges I came back to watch what you said, I can say gladly that the synopsis was right on point and nothing was given away in your video about the movie. Been Following your channel for a while now. Best of luck to your channel.

  6. A movie review should give a sense of the movie, not the plot.

  7. english needs to improve but overall good video

  8. It’s Ip man not yip man lmao 🤦🏻😭💀

  9. its Ip man not yip man

  10. Did you just say….. "Tradegy"???

  11. amazing list! Great job weekend movies

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  13. this is the best announcer they could get? LMAO

  14. bro its not tradegy its tragedy…….

  15. Actually i will give first place to the gangster the cop the devil awesome movie

  16. that background music is sick

  17. Damn everyone writing paragraphs ✍️

  18. Subscribed and really loving this channel. The South Korean Gangster movie starred Dong lee is a must watch! It will keep you glued throughout the movie .

  19. Beautiful voice god bless you

  20. Bruce Willis eliminates any movie from ever being in the top 10 anything.

  21. Hai can you do more horror and zombie movies please ……..

  22. Just name your list, but you're spoiling too much by talking too much as women do. Jeeeeez

  23. Subscribed! Great video, i was looking for it. There are a lot of movies which deserved to be in this rank though. For ex the fact that John wick parabellum is not there, it's kinda disturbing

  24. thanks a lot what about make Videos about korean movies !! They have masterpieces as well

  25. Triple frontier doesn't deserve 1 no, it's climax isnt good

  26. triple frontier suck so bad

  27. why spoil entire movie plots?! so dumb

  28. hey! does anyone know the song played during "den of thieves"?

  29. Thank you for making this list!

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