Top 7 best thriller movies you might have missed Part 3

Top 7 best thriller movies you might have missed Part 3

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  1. I only watched 3 out of 7. Good list, thank you!

  2. finally someone with great movie taste 😀 keep up the good work

  3. I just wasted 90 min watching the Good Neighbor…stay away from this garbage movie Lol.

  4. When Flick Connection don t work, you take the place………

  5. Rip Hollywood (not completely), very fewer Brains have left there (Actors, Director, Filmmaker, Editing etcetera), Hollywood is now depending on vfx mostly, can't compete with the era of Spielberg, Scorsese, Tarantino, Ridley Scott, nor films neither Actors !!!!

  6. Finally a list I haven’t watched yet!! So happy! Thanks xxx

    Make more videos like this please.

  7. Thank you for the movie suggestions. keep making such videos

  8. Could u please provide robbery movies as well

  9. I like the narrators voice, good job keep entertaining 👏

  10. best thriller without naming any koreans movies …lol

  11. there no movies that are below 6.0 imdb that could be considered "best", these movies are comparatively trash

  12. Digging up the Marrow is my favourite hidden gem

  13. I've seen Dogman, Artic and Remember. Based on your reviews, I will watch The Good Neighbor and A Perfect Man.

  14. Arctic movie link please

  15. Your videos have best movies ever ♥️♥️

  16. Make a video on web series

  17. May be u get less view's..but ur work is superior…all movies exalent…

  18. Where can I watch the perfect man? Can't find a site to download it
    I watched the
    good neighbour
    And Remember

  19. Good try…all r good movies.. keep it up..

  20. I have had Troll Hunter in my queue forever, I think this will be part of my viewing this weekend. The rest of these sound interesting, especially The Good Neighbor. I always get a very solid list of recommendations from this channel, and I look forward to every notification. We need to keep sharing so you're not the best kept secret on YouTube. This channel has the best recommendations in list after list. And I'll watch anything with Mads Mikkelsen.
    Arctic, The Good Neighbor, Remember and Troll Hunter are all definite views before your next list comes out.

  21. Have u guys checked out "As Above, So Below"

  22. I just fell in love with your Voice! Thanks for the Suggestions 🙂

  23. Background music makes me wanna watch all these movies

  24. Please upload horror thriller movies mention 🙏

  25. Remember must watch movie

  26. Haven't seen any of them, thanks for sharing ! Like your voice and how u keep it really short and smart narration

  27. Your Next video tpo 7 Egyptian movie list

  28. Can't find A perfect man Anywhere

  29. Thank you for the list!

    Remember and The Good Neighbor I’ve already seen. Very good movies!

  30. Please create Instagram ACCOUNT

  31. Hey,
    Your suggestions are really really awesome. A true movie buff 👍🏽👍🏽.
    Keep it up.

  32. Please tell where to watch the movie al

  33. None of these are available in Netflix and I am going mad here 😈👿

  34. Fortunately, I watched all movies listed.

  35. Once again a great list of movies for me to chase down.
    And I so love your voice over

  36. HI,

    Few Great Indian Movie,

    Plz review people will like it .

    Kesari, Super Deluxe, Kaithi, Bhoot, Bahubali Part 1 And 2

  37. The 1st place is spot on.

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