Top 6 Mystery Movies You Should Watch

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  1. Martha Marcy May Marlene i ended up confuse

  2. The Jacket is good find if you can watch it.

  3. 0:00 If they really do this to a living being in America, this country doesn't have any human rights. What a disgusting country.

  4. Genial ver una película de Bangladesh en la lista. Aynabaji es la mejor película jamás realizada en la historia de Dhallywood.

  5. Wasn't disappointed seeing Burning on this list. It has a special place in my favorite list being a Murakami fan and learned that the short story was adapted to become a film. A slow burn but way satisfying movie

  6. How have I not seen the jacket !

  7. Well you kinda showed the whole movie in the first one.

  8. Damn these are all psychological thrillers…. still good movies though

  9. aynabaji is one of the best thriller in bangladesh

  10. I do love "The Jacket" that movie is so brillant and unique

  11. Its the variety for me 🤗🤗🤗

  12. martha marcy sucks big time. there is no ending. wasted my time

  13. watched Anyabaji yesterday..not good mystery….only trailer is amazing

  14. 6:57 it's fcking Glen lmao. Never heard him talk Chinese before

  15. Great to see a Bangladeshi movie on the list. Aynabaji is the greatest film ever made in the history of Dhallywood.

  16. My list%
    The jacket
    The socks
    The pants
    The panties
    The shoes
    The shirt
    And The Underwear

  17. I recommend you all KNIVES OUT

  18. From the pack I was truly impressed and marked by the Jacket since 2005 ! Great movie ..

  19. thank you for including movies from many parts of the world, love it

  20. First three scenes of the jacket movie review, i don't know it was Keira bcoz of her strong resemblance to Natalie

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