Top 50 Best Love Songs of the 90’s (Updated in March 2020)

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  2. No Nsync? or maybe they're from the 2000s

  3. This would've been taken down if 'I want it that way' wasn't the number one on the list.

  4. Tears in heaven is not a love song. Another day in paraside is dedicated to the homeless

  5. Eric Clapton tears in heaven 97% rating more views then the next song so wtf is up with that

  6. I was hoping for the carpenters included in this vid..Ah their songs were nice!

  7. 50. Boyzone
    49. Celine Dion
    48. Alanis Morissette
    47. Bryan Adams
    46. Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart, Sting
    45. The Cardigans
    44. Eric Clapton
    43. SWV
    42. Shai
    41. Firehouse
    40. Celine Dion
    39. All-4-One
    38. Brandy
    37. Boyz II Men
    36. George Michael, Elton John
    35. Backstreet Boys
    34. Mr. Big
    33. R. Kelly
    32. Celine Dion
    31. Michael Bolton – Percy Sledge
    30. Shania Twain
    29. Savage Garden
    28. Mariah Carey, Boyz II Men
    27. Celine Dion
    26. Mariah Carey
    25. Shania Twain
    24. Boyz II Men
    23. K-Ci & JoJo
    22. The Cranberries
    21. Backstreet Boys
    20. Mariah Carey
    19. Michael Bolton
    18. Michael Jackson
    17. Meat Loaf
    16. Savage Garden
    15. Goo Goo Dolls
    14. Backstreet Boys
    13. Extreme
    12. Phil Collins
    11. Cher
    10. Toni Braxton
    09. No Doubt
    08. Whitney Houston
    07. Roxette
    06. Aerosmith
    05. Bryan Adams
    04. Bryan Adams
    03. Bon Jovi
    02. Whitney Houston
    01. Backstreet Boys

  8. Eric Claptons tears in heaven about the death of his son not a love song

  9. Sorry but I'm not feeling this list at all.
    some of those songs cannot be classed as love songs at all😵

  10. 50. No Matter What
    49. It's All Coming Back To Me Now
    48. Head Over Feet
    47. Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman
    46. All For Love
    45. Lovefool
    44. Tears In Heaven
    43. Weak
    42. If I Ever Fall In Love
    41. Love Of A Lifetime
    40. My Heart Will Go On
    39. I Swear
    38. Have You Ever
    37. I'll Make Love To You
    36. Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me
    35. Quit Playing Games (With My Heart)
    34. To Be With You
    33. I Believe I Can Fly
    32. It's All Coming Back To Me Now
    31. What A Man Loves A Woman
    30. From This Moment On
    29. I Knew I Loved You
    28. One Sweet Day
    27. The Power Of Love
    26. Always Be My Baby
    25. You're Still The One
    24. End Of The Road
    23. All My Life
    22. Linger
    21. Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely
    20. Without You
    19. Said I Loved You…But I Lied
    18. You Are Not Alone
    17. I'd Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That)
    16. Truly Madly Deeply
    15. Iris
    14. As Long As You Love Me
    13. More Than Words
    12. Another Day In Paradise
    11. Believe
    10. Un-Break My Heart
    09. Don't Speak
    08. I Have Nothing
    07. It Must Have Been Love
    06. I Don't Want To Miss A Thing
    05. Please Forgive Me
    04. (Everything I Do) I Do It For You
    03. Always
    02. I Will Always Love You
    01. I Want It That Way

  11. Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Brittany Spears Mariah Carey, and Backstreet Boys owned 90s

  12. Clearly this channel doesn’t know the definition of the term “love song”.

  13. It's all coming back to me now

  14. 5:15 Please Forgive Me!!!! My one favorite

  15. Backstreet Boys forever! 😍 ❤️ 🤗

  16. 90s love songs were the most romantic

  17. Another Day In Paradise is a love song? I thought it was a song about giving money to the poor.

  18. PLS Love Songs 80s – 90s PLS PLS…… I love you Red Music 💕🥰💕🥰💕🥰💕🥰💕🥰💕🥰💕

  19. Dreaming of you by Selena anyone?

  20. Linger 😍😍 😍😍 😍😍

  21. where is WESTLIFE? their songs are most of love songs…

  22. SO many B-street Boys!! Lol… great list!

  23. 3:53 Now that is an absolute banger. Same with 5:08. Clearly my favourite songs of 90's.

  24. I don’t know why there isn’t any song of INXS? They has got so beautiful live songs…

  25. RIP whitney and Mary 😥😥😥😥😥

  26. Another Day in Paradise is from 1989

  27. My heart will go on at only 40???

  28. Nice old song .. i search for one song i cant faund it . Its slow love song VOL3 . i forget its neam 😔

  29. I see Whiteney Houston..I clicked..

  30. I'm sure everyone knew what will be no1 from the beginning lol

  31. Exelente Video lo máximo ♥️

  32. Top 50 world songs about world issues,problem about virus

  33. Roxette…😢 Rest in peace, Mary…😭

  34. Great list, so many awesome tracks!

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