Top 50 Best Action Films of All Time

Grab some snacks and find a comfortable seat, because we’re about to run down our picks for the top action movies of all time! For this list, we’ll be looking at the most beloved, well-executed, influential and iconic action films ever made. Our countdown includes “Dirty Harry”, “The Dark Knight”, “Con Air”, “Beverly Hills Cop”, “John Wick”, and more! Did YOUR favorite action film make the list? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. I feel fortunate to have seen several of these in the Theater upon release.
    Quite a few on Opening Weekend!

    I will admit though, I about choked when I heard…
    "Number 2: Die Hard"
    WHAT?!?!?! Number… TWO?

    Then I saw #1 and I understood.

  2. The Top 50 Best and 👍 Greatest 🎬 Action 🎥 Movies of All-Time:
    50. 👎 Bad 👦 Boys™ (1995)
    49. Beverly Hills 👮 Cop™ (1984)
    48. 🚔 Police Story®3: Supercop™ AKA Super 👮 Cop™ (1992)
    47. 👶 Baby 🚗 Driver (2017)
    46. Dredd™ (2012)
    45. Furious™ 7 (2015)
    44. Nikita™ AKA La Femme Nikita™ (1990)
    43. The French Connection™ (1971)
    42. Gladiator™ (2000)
    41. Assault on Precinct 13™ (1976);(2005)
    40. The Fugitive™ (1993)
    39. Mission: Impossible®- Fallout™ (2018)
    38. Drunken Master™ II AKA The Legend of Drunken Master™ (1994)
    37. Con Air (1997)
    36. 👊 Fists of Fury™ (1972)
    35. Goldfinger™ (1964)
    34. Crouching 🐅 Tiger, Hidden 🐉 Dragon™ (2000)
    33. Total Recall™ (1990)
    32. Commando™ (1985)
    31. Speed™ (1994)
    30. Heat (1995)
    29. 🔥 Hot Fuzz™ (2007)
    28. Point Break™ (1991)
    27. Dirty Harry™ (1971)
    26. Yojimbo (1961)
    25. Enter the 🐉 Dragon™ (1973)
    24. Stagecoach™ (1939)
    23. The Bourne Ultimatum™ (2007)
    22. Escape from New York™ (1981)
    21. Bullitt™ (1968)
    20. Once Upon a Time in the West™ (1968)
    19. The 👍 Great 🚆 Train Robbery™ (1903)
    18. Lethal Weapon™ (1987)
    17. Face/Off™ (1997)
    16. The 🎸 Rock™ (1996)
    15. John Wick™ (2014)
    14. RoboCop™ (1987)
    13. Kill Bill: Volume 1™ (2003)
    12. First Blood™ (1982)
    11. The Raid™ (2011)
    10. 😠 Mad Max® 2: The Road Warrior™ (1981)
    9. Hard Boiled (1992)
    8. The Dark Knight™ (2008)
    7. Predator™ (1987)
    6. 👽 Aliens™ (1986)
    5. Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark™ (1981)
    4. Seven (7) Samurai™ (1954)
    3. The Matrix™ (1999)
    2. Die Hard™ (1988)
    1. Terminator® 2: Judgment Day™ (1991)

  3. Best Action Films of All Time???? bad boy ! really?

  4. Every fast and furious movie after 5 is complete garbage

  5. In my opinion Baby Driver should have been much higher up on the list

  6. I would add "last man standing" with bruce willis.

  7. No 42 Gladiator? Did I see correctly?

  8. I can name 50 more action movies for there part 2 that they need to do
    List is
    1. Inception
    2. The 5 the element
    3. The terminator
    4. A fistful of dollars
    5. Star wars episode 5 : the empire strikes back
    6. Red heat
    7. Raging bull
    8. For a few dollars more
    9. Dejavu
    10. The french connection 2
    11. Scarface
    12. The godfather
    13. The godfather part 2
    14. Dirty Harry – the enforcer
    15. Train to Busan
    16. Dawn of the dead (2004 remake)
    17. Red tails
    18.the edge
    19. Daughter of the wolf
    20. Rocky 3
    21. Push
    22. Death sentence
    23. Demolition man
    24. The specialist
    25. I am wrath
    26. Hannah
    27. Proud Mary
    28. Jason Bourne
    29. Escape from la
    30. Mission impossible 4 : ghost protocol
    31. The scorpion king
    32. The crow (1994)
    33. Red river
    34. Blue streak
    35. Leon the professional
    36. Kiss kiss , bang bang
    37. 300
    38. Inglorious bastards
    39. Inside man
    40. Max steel
    41. From Paris with love
    42. Golden eye
    43. Get shorty
    44. Gone in 60 seconds ( 2000 remake )
    45. The matrix: resurrections
    46. The 355
    48. Top gun
    49. Cop out
    50. Hard target

  9. Good, bad and the ugly and kill bill vol 1 ❤️

  10. Where is mad max fury road

  11. no love for Jurassic Park?

  12. Went all the way to the end to see if t2 was number 1 I'm satisfied.

  13. Very good list one of your best really your bullseye's are terminator 2 yesss the best one , now your best choice really is prefering mad max 2 over fury road ! i found the latter too overrated , great choice yess !!! and first blood , now i would add the first Jurrasic park , World war Z , The Hidden 1987 , the war of the worlds 1953,, Starship troopers ,now ! a note for scanners from 1981 i consider the first action -horror movie ever,! for me it felt like the first terminator or alienS , Now i got a special note on a unique movie ! maybe never to be remade for its kind ! albeit its tone down lacklustee remake , its the hitcher from 1986 .ok it was a shameless ,bold, relentless really evil action movie that even preceded todays mass shooting mentality than the slasher trope !! mean edgyy yess and released in 1986 ! years before todays reality !! , also Leon the professional 1994 and Star wars EP 4 The Empire strikes back, but your list is knock out 10 yess

  14. Agree 100% with your top 50😎👍👍👍

  15. Once upon A Time In the West is an awesome movie but it is not an action film. It is a western, virtually the best western ever, not action.

  16. I feel like they could have squeezed in Leon the professional.

  17. 11:03 I said emotional damage(That's what I imagined🤣)

  18. How about Harrison Ford movie Air Force One it belongs on the action movie list.

  19. A great lists of movies in my favorite genre. Loved so many of the movies listed

  20. The dark knight should be number 1

  21. No Steven Seagal movies? No Under Siege (1992)?

  22. How about Top 20 Sports Movies of All Times with Miami University (Ohio) Women's Basketball: The Movie (2021) in the Top 5?

  23. I don't agree, without jean clude vandamme there is no action movie, how you guys forget the legend

  24. What about the negotiator ?

  25. Baby Driver ?
    Con Air?
    Hot Fuzz?
    Are You out of Your minds ?
    There are thousands of much better movies.
    At least better than movies with Nicolas Cage…

  26. Die hard …Yes a killer action movie of this era …Back when Bruce Willis made an effort to be a great action star…
    last bunch of years Bruce has been cranking out a 1/2 dozen movies a year putting in a full day's work doing scene takes and pocketing a cool million for his meager halfhearted one day effort.
    Rumor is he has early symptoms of Alzheimer's & Dementia and needs to wear an earphone where he is fed his simple one-liners as he needs to say them.
    Sly Stalone refused to pay Bruce the 4 million he wanted canning him from ex[pendables 4 calling him a greedy so and so.
    It's sad to see an actor of Bruce's caliber become a bottom scraping washout.

  27. Once upon a Time in America. Young DeNiro character kills guard with knife b4 going to juvi.

  28. 4:44 Nikita is not an action movie , It's spy thriller, it only has two action scenes.

  29. I think we the lady telling these films is grt. And nice action clips ……….

  30. Shoot em up wasent on this list not was inside man or lone survivor,cliffhanger, and why isent there at least 2 Bruce Willis movies on here . Only 1 here is die hard they should've put surrogates on here or the 5 the element or something on here

  31. John wick should be much higher

  32. ConAir? Why? It's horrible. Nicolas Cage being Nicolas Cage but with a horrible southern accent. ConAir but no Kingsman

  33. I love yojimbo too. Mifune kills like 12 guys in 30 seconds with a sword then just casually walks away. Pure samurai badass

    Also, in 85 we saw aliens opening weekend. We got our tickets earlier in the day because they sold out. Huge theater every seat taken and towards the end of the fight scene with Ripley in the loader. Someone says is there a doctor in the house real loud he says it again. There's a commotion at the back of the theater, house lights go up movie stops apparently some guy was having heart issues and was on the floor. We felt for the guy but it was like the final scenes man Jesus Christ people were pissed lots of screaming these were people that didn't know really what was going on. I think they got him up and helped him out to the lobby. It was about a 20 minute delay then they resumed the movie. Quite unbelievable I was like 15 at the time 😳

  34. Commando just might be my number one. Just for the stupid funny action in it and cliches

  35. Thumbs down. How could you leave out Avatar, Tombstone, and Transformers.

  36. I'd say my top 5 is
    Nr 5 t2 judgement day or Rambo first blood
    Nr 4 dark knight
    Nr 3 raiders of the lost ark
    Nr 2 gladiator
    Nr 1 aliens (in particular the special edition)

    Movies that almost made the list are die hard, seven samurai and the matrix. I think any of them could've been 5th really but my top 4 is my top 4.

  37. I don’t know if it’s pride or depression I feel knowing that I grew up in the 80’s and 90’s where most of the top 20 of this list takes place. I’m starting to realize that’s it’s not just my opinion that this was the peak of action movies.

  38. And again Rest in Peace Paul Walker

  39. Where is Hardcore Henry, I don't care if it´s number 1 or number 50, that movie was some pure original adrenaline action film

  40. Considering the all the Martial Arts movies you included here, I wonder how "IP-Man" missed… I mean cmon…may be even "Ninja Assassin".. or a movie from "Scott Adkin's" best movies like Undisputed 4

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