1. wonder woman is not war film its feminist film

  2. Where is Pearl Harbour?? 😐

  3. https://youtu.be/DeqHE3N_YkA please help me grow my channel . Uploading new content weekly .

  4. i watched the Hacksaw Ridge yesterday, and its fucking amazing so you must watch that movie.

  5. Nice!! I also made one about 5 AWESOME WAR MOVIES 👌 check it out ❤️

  6. I can’t lie man this is the most inaccurate list ever it might aswell be by watchmojo😂

  7. A Bridge Too Far (1977). Nearly VE (Victory over Europe) Day on 8 May 2020. Grab good copy.

  8. Hacksaw Ridge is the only War movie in this list along with Aftermath tho aftermath is also Drama the rest are a bunch of action movies. War movies are stuff like Saving private Ryan,Full Metal Jacket,platoon,Midway,Jarhead Etc

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