Top 5 Stranded Romance Movies

If you see romantic survival stories about being stranded on an island you should definitely watch our picks for the best stranded romance movies.

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Movies in this Ranking:
5. Lovewrecked (2005): (00:13)
4. Survival Island (2005): (02:19)
3. Six Days Seven Nights (1998): (04:12)
2. The Blue Lagoon (1980): (06:46)
1. Swept Away (1974): (09:23)

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  1. The mountain between us(2017)should be here please.

  2. What's the picture in the thumb nail from ?

  3. Why are you posting thumbnails that is not in the video??

  4. Adultery cannot be called romance

  5. Damn that's some high quality racks in the thumb

  6. well im going to watch some of these forsure

  7. me before watching the vid if they dont have blue lagoon the awakening im done

  8. Six days seven nights was very entertaining. I had not expected to see my #1 romantic survival movie at all on this list but the 1974 Swept Away made their #1 also. It saw it in Italian, un-dubbed. I usually do not enjoy reading subtitles but with this movie the Italians were so EXPRESSIVE it was a pleasure. Mariangela Melato was magnifica!

  9. Film 5 and Blue Lagoon are good.Rest of them are not watchable.

  10. Whats the movie used for the thumbnail ?

  11. Cast Away?
    Love between a FedEx guy and Wilson.

  12. very very great epic list I like it a lot great job six days and seven nights and the blue lagoon are two great movies ever

  13. Too bad you guys can't watch number 1 in italian, it's soo great.
    Btw there is a (not so good) 2002 remake with Madonna

  14. Brook Shields is the only legit beautiful celebrity

  15. Dude whicb one is the thumbnail movie

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