Top 5 Scariest Horror Movies Nobody Talks About – Part 2

Top 5 Scariest Horror Movies Nobody Talks About – Part 2
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Welcome back to Top 5 Scary Videos! Your number one source for all things creepy, spooky, scary and horror. You enjoyed Part 1 of this list so much, we’re back with 5 more of the Scariest Horror Movies Nobody Talks About. There are a lot of movies. Like, a whole lot. Over a hundred years worth, with the past few decades allowing all sorts of new folks to step into the rings and try their hand at filmmaking. So it makes sense that some excellent horror movies might be passed over. Well NO MORE! Today on Top 5 Scary Videos, we bring you our list of the Top 5 Scariest Horror Movies Nobody Talks About – Part 2.

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  1. They should start pinning the film titles in the comments

  2. Isabelle Endganee ?

  3. Freaks is a great film; It's Alive is just a good time 😁

  4. Freaks still gets me every time , my set included the First cut as well. Possum and Possession I have yet to see. Creep and Creep 2 are hmmm Disturbing indeed , even if it is Found Footage ( Not my fave )

  5. The premise for It's Alive is hilarious enough in itself

  6. Hey Che! You love found footage horror like I do, Check out The fear footage 1 and 2 if you haven't already

  7. I've been a horror hoodlum since the seventies, everything from graphic comics too movies. This year since we are all gonna be locked up and jobless I thought I give sculpting and latex mask making a shot. Why not, done lost everything else. Maybe by the time we are freed I'll have enough sculptures and masks finished to open up a shop.

  8. Definitely one of the better new hosts trying out. Keep up the good work!

  9. Freaks and Possession are not horror movies, but dramas, as far as I'm concerned. What's more, a few sequences from Freaks may be regarded as comedy.

  10. Scary stories wasn't really a horror movie, more like a teen thriller. But it was great in the theater

  11. Too many plot points, way too much detail. Especially for the Possum description. I very much trust your opinion but put the foot off the breaks a bit when describing what the film is about.

  12. @chedurena now follow me you f***king idiots! 😀 love ya bro!

  13. the top 5 gang needs to watch some new movies. every list covers the same 30 films.

  14. Possession is a really good flick.
    Massive Attack's , Voodoo in My Blood, pays homage to the subway scene .
    Why does the blood always stick to your teeth?

  15. As a mental health patient with trauma, no. Dont bury your trauma it makes things worse.

  16. Yo it’s funny cause I see him on my TikTok all the time and I couldn’t figure out where I know him from he is hilarious 😭😭

  17. Crazy to think that people consider Freaks, It's Alive, and Possession to be "hidden gems."

  18. Always love any video featuring Che!

  19. Woah….Che….you been working out? On some planet? Designed for fitness? ( sorry…couldn’t resist 😁)

  20. this guy is right watch CREEP

  21. Dude American Horror Story freak Show

  22. Freaks is a classic. Only wish the alternate ending was actually available. I introduced a faculty member to it and he started to use it in his Sociology class.

    Still has one of the most creepiest scenes ever and it was without special effects.

  23. Welcome Che, I like your style. Creep was one I definitely wasn’t expecting to be so wicked. I need to find Freaks and check it out!

  24. Another great horror not many people talk about is Man bites Dog. Very disturbing horror movie.

  25. Dude not a 100 percent sure but I might have just seen Che on a planet fitness commercial .If so man props and congrats.keep up the good work guys

  26. I love freaks an old movie that was originally a morality play produced by todd brown the end isn't as it was hahaja

  27. I vividly remember the ads for “Its Alive” when I was a kid. Still haven’t seen it, but that will be rectified forthwith.

  28. I just followed this guys tik tok today, and after not watching a top five scary videos list for a while, then I randomly decide to watch one, I click on this one and suddenly here he is too. idk if that's a weird coincidence but it's weird to me.

  29. This guy is by far, on first glance, one of the better new hosts. I like his energy and he seems genuinely passionate about the topic.

  30. To many people dont about the other Creep. The one about a deformed man living in the london subway area and feeding on homeless people

  31. Creep in the 1st and Possum at 3rd? Go figure…

  32. Dude that Tourist trap freaked me out.

  33. Creep unsettled me like no other movie. the sequel is also very good, but the first one is just bone-chilling and paranoia inducing.

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