TOP 5: Older Man – Younger Woman Romance Movies

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We have picked the top 5 best younger woman-older man movies that you have to watch. Some of the relationships are forbidden and illegal, while in other of the movies the age difference between the man and woman is just extreme. There’s another Spanish movie called “Sorry If I Call You Love“ that we would like to have included in this list , but unfortunately there is no suitable trailer. Movies released before 2000 were excluded.

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We missed your favorite Older Man-Younger Woman movie? Let us know in the comments!

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Movies in this Ranking:
5. One Wild Moment:
4. Albatross:
3. Fish Tank:
2. An Education:
1. Lost in Translation:

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  1. We updated this video!
    ✅ Watch the Top 10 Older Man – Younger Woman Romance Movies at

  2. Lolita should be in there it was really good !!!

  3. Lost in translation is BY FAR the best. Nothing sexual happens. Just two lonely people having fun.

  4. 1st movie is not bad for a remake from 2015 of the original "Un Moment D'Egarement" or the 1984 adaptation of the same "Blame it on Rio".

  5. Albatross +fish tank and one wild moment

  6. Lemme tell you: Molly Maxwell!

  7. I'm surprised i don't see 'Lolita'

  8. Do not need movies to know about older men with younger women. It happens all the time in real life. And it's not always about a sugar daddy or eye candy. Sometimes it just happens.

  9. American Beauty. Charade. Sabrina

  10. Fish Tank and An Education are the films where
    the older man doesn't look like Methuselah. 😏

  11. No. 5, reminded me of the Night Court episode when the
    D A's niece Kitty kept coming on to Dan. That was hilarious. 😄

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  13. I think "One Wild Moment" and "Fish Tank" had the most sexual romantic love themes.

  14. I've seen Fish Tank, amazing film.

  15. Thumbnail is from which movie?

  16. One wild moment is recommended

  17. why are french movies soo messed up all the freaking time XDXD

  18. 😍😍😍😍💕💕💕💕💕💃

  19. Bullshit…Where is Poison Ivy ?

  20. None of them are recent. I wonder why…

  21. The crazy things is older men are better in bed than younger men. I know I am 100 times better in bed than I was in my 20s. We appreciate younger beauties of 20+. It's natural for a older man to take care of a younger woman. But old women don't want this and spread lies through tv and media.

  22. Alaas.there should be rule that such old man killed mercilessly and hanged till death in every country

  23. The first movie "One Wild Moment" seemed like a remake of "Blame it on Rio". 🙂

  24. Lost in Translation is brilliant.

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