TOP 5: Greek Mythology Movies [modern]

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We have picked the top 5 best greek mythology movies that you have to watch. The mythology and the world of the gods has been a fascinating topic for thousands of years. Tragic love stories between a mortal and an immortal, heroic struggles between the forces of good and evil, the influence of the gods on people – these and other ideas are the basis for many of the best movies about Greek mythology.

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Movies in this Ranking:
5. Hercules:
4. Immortals:
3. 300: Rise of an Empire:
2. Troy:
1. 300:

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  1. We updated this video!
    ✅ Watch the Top 10 Greek Mythology Movies at

  2. Para sa mga nag hahanap ng title ng thumbnail troy Greek mythology movie

  3. 300 and its sequel are historical movies not mythological.

  4. you really don't understand what Greek Mythology is! It is only about gods, demi gods and heros, only movie you put here are ”Hercule” and ”Troy”

  5. Most watched this for the thumbnail lol

  6. انا شب سوري هاد رقمي عمري 22.رقمي وتس 00963991140369

  7. Ok dumbo,what’s the movie on thumbnail?

  8. Admit it
    You all came here by looking at the thumbnail🤣🤣🤣

  9. Welcome , the power of THUMBNAIL 😁

  10. I agree but rise of an empire should be last that movie kinda sucked

  11. Troy is an insult for everyone who ever learned classic greek.

  12. Where can I find full movie pls pls ?

  13. ha ha hah 300has fake story of IRAN ancient

  14. Percy Jackson 1 & 2 // Clash of Titan & Wrath of Titan are missing.

  15. For those that are interested, ST Universe's DS9 is a re-telling of the Hercules story…. up to a point.

  16. يرجال دخلت عشان صوره وربي

  17. can someone tell me the name of the song at 4:35

  18. since the 300 Came out! still no 1 greek MOVIE

  19. Thumbnail scene 10:32 ! Thank me later.

  20. Immortals is total bullshit ….. Don't ever watch it.

  21. They should make another 300 bro come on

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