TOP 5: Epic Fantasy Movies

We have picked the top 5 best Epic Fantasy movies that you have to watch. Epic Fantasy is defined by its epic nature of setting or by the heroic characters and epic story, that is set in an secondary, fictional world.

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Movies in this Ranking:
5. Seventh Son:
4. The Chronicles of Narnia (Trilogy):
3. Warcraft:
2. The Hobbit (Trilogy):
1. The Lord of the Rings (Trilogy):

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  1. Warcraft could have done better but still for a 1st film they made it was okey

  2. The best one isn't on the list
    Harry potter

  3. The list was supposed to show less famous movies

  4. Star wars????????????
    Pirates of the carrabian???

  5. Hobbit and Lord of the rings film series is masterpiece in all cinema history for epic high fantasy

  6. What… no Excalibur, no Drangonslayer, no Dragonheart?!

  7. Pirates of the Caribbean, 10000 BC , harry potter

  8. I have watched all movie in Hindi all are best 👌👌.

  9. Best one lord of rings 🔥

  10. These movies are single films? Or these are series?

  11. Snow White And The Huntsman is also awesome.

  12. Warcraft the movie is the most underrated epic movie

  13. Why do all fantasy movies but lotr and harry potter suck

  14. Ive watch all of them… Plz give me something to quench this thirst

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  16. Watch Bahubali best action movie

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