Top 5 Comedy movies to watch when BORED

This are some of the best comedy movies to watch when you’re bored.

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List of Movies:
1. Neighbors
2. We’re the Millers
3. The Dictator
4. The Night Before
5. You don’t Mess with the Zohan


  1. Watch the heat, thank me later

  2. Neighbors stupidiest movie

  3. The dictator is just next level dude

  4. the dictator mad me laugh without stop the whole move. i suggest that to watch it when your about to die/ wake up at 9am
    caution: even though the boogyman could louh eviel lough

  5. Wanna see my list….not ranked
    Hope u "like" it
    .Hangover series
    .Due date
    .Vacation 2015
    .Couples retreat
    .Instant family
    .Neighbors 1 and 2
    .Zombieland 1 and 2
    .Shaun of the dead
    .Dont mess with Zohan
    .Bruce Almighty
    .The dictator
    .horrible bosses
    .Central intelligence
    .Evan Almighty
    .Home Alone series
    .Murder mystery
    .Good luck chuck
    .Blockers 2018
    . Good Boys
    .Jump street series
    .the hustle
    .American pie series
    .Death at the funeral
    .pink panther movie series
    .Mr bean movie series
    .Jonny english movie series
    .17 again
    .Euro trip
    .superhero movie
    .meet the spartans
    .Ace ventura
    .paul mart mall cop
    .the other guys
    .The Animal
    .Ted 1 and 2
    .Just go with it
    .We are the millers.

    If i can find more movie i like ,ill let u know…if u have fav just comment below,

  6. Give something new! Everyone has watched these movies.

  7. i'm not bored i have an exam soon i just do not want to exist for 115 minutes

  8. what is the first one called

  9. some dope ass movies. i watched every single one and i can't watch a whole yt video. awesomw dude!

  10. 😂 what a crazy movie to watch

  11. 4:23 Ayo is that Papa Doc from 8mile?

  12. Where is Hangover 😂❣️

  13. The dictator is just different 😂😂

  14. i can't find the Neighbors

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  16. "Aaaahhh America….birthplace of AIDS" pffaha

  17. Have watched all five + a couple of more, need new comedies to watch suggest a few ones please

  18. My top 5
    5. American pie
    4. Dumb and dumber
    3. Deadpool
    2. The hangover
    1. Superbad

  19. anyone here because of the corona virus

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