Top 4 Psychological Thrillers | 2018

Top best thriller mystery psychological psycho films movies of 2018
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  1. Unsane was actually pretty good.

  2. look away was so bad. No explanation.

  3. thanks for ACTUALLY playing trailer and not taking about your opinion

  4. Sisters ,miss rose ,spiral staircases

  5. "Forgotten"…a must watch, am a suspense movie freak but will keep this korean movie on top of all…

  6. So many great thrillers.
    Few of my favorites!
    Gone Girl
    Silence of the Lambs
    Shutter Island
    Mystic Island
    Just to name a few. All oldies but better than what they have nowadays👍🏽

  7. Look away hindi available h

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  9. the house that jack built is the best movie i’ve seen in YEARS. really fucking fantastic

  10. I really liked Look Away

  11. Look away

    The vanishing


    The house that jack built

  12. "look away"-you would spend more on the ticket then they did on the movie i wanna burn hollywood to the ground

  13. These dosent stand a chance against Ratsasan

  14. മലയാളീസ്…

  15. Please provide link to these movies

  16. I have seen psychologicall but an Indian movie changed all this to me
    The movie called ratsasan ..the best thriller movie ever

  17. Use this comment to list great movies you seen and want to share. I’ll contribute. Bound Vengeance, Creep, Creep 2, The perfect host , hide in seek ,the perfect get away, The Evil Within

  18. the vanishing is so good like the vibe it gives off is really creepy but so good

  19. I'm here cuz I'm insanely bored.

  20. 1. I saw the Devil
    2. Silence of the Lambs
    3. No country for old men

  21. If you hate plot holes then stay away from Unsane. That movie left me so upset i kicked a chair over. Now im too afraid to watch the other recommendations.

  22. Silence of lambs is a masterpiece

  23. I recommend the movie "Hereditary" this shit will blow ur mind!!💯💯

  24. I like to watch serial killer, crime, mystery, thriller type foreign movies or series. Any movie suggestions?

  25. horn movi 2020 in hindi dubaid

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