Top 20 Most Rewatched Scenes in Romance Movies

Our love will never die for the most rewatched scenes in romance movies. Our countdown includes “500 Days of Summer,” “Clueless,” “10 Things I Hate About You,” and more! Which rom-com scene have YOU rewatched the most? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Harry was a sexist dick. I've NEVER understood why people love that movie so much. He didn't deserve her. Or ANY woman, for that matter.

  2. why is the Clueless scene in this? it has nothing to do with Romance lol

  3. Definitely gonna go for Aragon and arwen best love couples in fellowship of the ring! Hands down.

  4. I tried to be not a Romance Movie Fan, but i can't Stop wanting to watch this movie scene

  5. The ending scenes of Music and Lyrics where Alex writes a song for Sophie, and even though it's not a romantic scene, the scene from the Proposal where she dances in the woods with Betty White is one of my favorite rom com moments of all time.

  6. For me it was: you’ve got mail the last scene

  7. Let’s include the wedding singer. The song he sings to Drew Barrymore on the plane is fabulously romantic!

  8. I wished in the Clueless clip they'd shown when Cher realized she was in love with Josh…. Such a great scene in a wonderful movie.

  9. What about Crossing Delancey?? I love that one too!

  10. Love Actually scene is not in France it's in Portugal. He speaks Portuguese not French 🤦‍♂

  11. In “10 things I hate about you”, Kat’s 10 things speech is also one of the most rewatch able moments.

  12. In Sabrina when Harrison Ford says “How do you say ‘this is what i want’ and then ‘
    “How do you say ‘ I’m looking at what I want’”. Sigh

  13. “My Man Godfrey”, “Parent Trap (both versions)”, “Two Weeks Notice,” “Quiet Man, and McClintock,” etc. there are lots more incredible scenes to choose from aren’t there?

  14. 18:48 erm excuse me, what about the 2016 major film Moonlight

  15. The New Years Eve scene from When Harry Met Sally always gets me. Also the “You make me want to be a better man” speech from As Good as it Gets

  16. 1:08 Amelie doesn't stray from the standard Hollywood film because it's not a Hollywood/American film, it's a French film.

  17. How could you leave out Serendipity!? One of the best romantic comedies ever!!!!

  18. No scene from the movies ghost? Unchained melody?!?

  19. For me best one was no. 2
    I love that movie.
    I can never forget that line
    "You have me at hello"
    How adorable renee zellweger looks while speaking this line. And that monologue by tom cruise is just amazing.

  20. Grease, Notting Bill and When Harry Met Sally are just Amazing.

  21. Ugh. Love Actually is all around gross.


  23. Love Actually, The Princess Bride, 500 Days of Summer, Notting Hill, Jerry McGuire, When Harry Met Sally — you nailed the films (though I'd argue about placement).

    Good list!

  24. Um excuse me what about Titanic!!❤️

  25. The scene from Notting Hill is not romantic

  26. I personally prefer the "Who's chasing after you? No one" part of My Best Friend's Wedding.

    Seriously, everyone needs a friend like that, one that will slap you back to reality with words 😆

  27. It's depressing knowing I'll never have any of this.

  28. probably every scene in Pride & Prejudice but the ball dance scenes and the proposal in the rain and then the ending

  29. Where is the wedding date? I love that movie? That’s not a comedy? And I’ve watched Bridget Jones a hundred times.

  30. Why is Colin Firth an ultimate heartthrob?

  31. Scenes from While You Were Sleeping. I love that movie.

  32. I always watch that dancing scene from me before you!

  33. I'm so elated to see Crazy Rich Asians on here. When that movie first came out I watched it literally everyday. Such a beautiful movie, the culture, the costumes, the tradition, the food, all of it! 🙂

  34. After watching Sex/Life on Netflix this is like watching a kindergarten story…..

  35. After watching their pics, I now know why men don't go to romance movies.

  36. They forgot the romance scene in Debbie Does Dallas.

  37. Love Jones ending scene in the rain

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