Top 20 Most Rewatched Scenes in Romance Movies

Our love will never die for the most rewatched scenes in romance movies. Our countdown includes “500 Days of Summer,” “Clueless,” “10 Things I Hate About You,” and more! Which rom-com scene have YOU rewatched the most? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. I think the wedding scene in Crazy Rich Asians is more rewatchable the proposal scene

  2. Say Anything should have been higher.

  3. I loved The Holiday. But for me, Jack Black was totally miscast and had little or no chemistry with Kate Winlet.

  4. I'm so surprised that "Big mistake, huge. I have to go shopping now," from Pretty Woman isn't on here! Classic rom-com.

  5. I love Aurelia and Jamie in Love Actually!

  6. Danny didn't put on a "preppy outfit" to impress Sandy; he literally lettered in Track while the rest of the T-birds "were out stealing hubcaps". So oddly, as Sandy gets a quick phony make-over into a rather sleazy vamp, Danny actually put some effort into changing for the woman he loved. Plus, every scene in Grease is to be rewatched. By law.

  7. MsMojo: Danny put on a preppy outfit as well
    Me: A cardigan, he wore a flipping cardigan. So, basically Sandy changed her entire personality and a life threatening habit and then there is Danny wearing a cardigan

  8. Becoming Jane💕💕💕

  9. 500 days of summer and notting hill!

  10. You’ve got mail, the wedding date, notting hill

  11. Princess Bride closer only #15? Inconceivable! 😉

  12. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. Their chemistry is priceless.

  13. Ummm, Crazy, Stupid Love… the scene where he shows her his “ move.”

  14. For me they are: 1. The central park in "You've got mail" and 2. The kissing scene in "silver lining playbook"

  15. The end scenes in both Green Card and Sixteen Candles.

  16. why remove titanic is the best

  17. was the princess bride a parody or the ORIGIBAL movie or ?

  18. I was waiting for Jerry McGuire "you had me at hello" and "you complete me."

  19. Definitely, "You've Got Mail" when Tom Hanks says, "Don't cry Shopgirl, don't cry!"

  20. Green Card. There was the scene where he described them meeting with all the parcels. There was he beautiful piano poem about the children in the trees. There was the end scene when he promises to write every day and asks "When are you coming, Cherie?"

  21. I can't believe that Gigi and Alex from "he's just not that into you" didn't make it into this list. Or is it not a romantic comedy?

    Their kiss is my all time favorite romantic scene.

  22. I usually don't remotely agree with these lists, but I do agree with the #1 call.

  23. This is a class A joke as most of these movies are forgettable. The Notebook Why didnt you write me is the most classic romance scene in last 50 years!

  24. Love actually…. he goes to her home town in Portugal…. not France

  25. Colin Firth, regardless of movie.

  26. Leap Year
    PS I love You
    Never been Kissed
    Notting Hill
    My Best Friends Wedding… the wedding scene with Rupert Everett… I can’t get enough of him.
    Princess Bride…As you wish!!
    You’ve Got Mail
    Sleepless in Seattle
    While you were Sleeping
    The Kissing Booth
    Heaven Can Wait
    Sliding Doors
    And many more….each movie have several scenes that I can’t get enough of and never tire watching.

  27. I will forever miss Heath Ledger.

  28. Am I the only one who hates My Best Friend’s Wedding??

  29. Yuck. Far too many of these movies are mediocre at best, and some of the scenes chosen are actually cringe-worthy.

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