Top 20 Haters Turned Lovers in Movies

These haters turned lovers in movies showed how unpredictable romance can be. Our countdown includes “Moonstruck,” “The Breakfast Club,” “When Harry Met Sally…,” and more! Which lovers caught you off guard? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Teh breakfast club is sooo bring and a stupid movie … a single scene went on for half the movie in the detention room like the scene won enddd

  2. I can't believe that they didn't include Jane Eyre and Mr. Rochester in this list! It's the best hate to love story ever for me 😒❤

  3. Nevet think elizebith would hate him if he love her

  4. Princess Diaries is beautiful and nice movie. I like so much Anne Hathaway

  5. "Life as we know it", "The Proposal" ans "Pride and Prejudice"😍😍😍

  6. "There's nothing better than smashing an enemy"

  7. How come you didn't add Hermione granger and Ron Weasley? They were kinda like in a hater lover relationship

  8. Groundhog Day so glad that is on this list. Good one.

  9. Some cringeworthy films on this list

  10. I think the movie After should be on this list. Tessa and Hardin didn’t really like each other in the beginning.

  11. You missed catch and release

  12. BROOOOOO like half of these couples are some of my favorite couples in rom coms OOPS

  13. I can't believe I've watched every single one of these movies

  14. guys dont watch lala land …. you will be devastated

  15. Hey, how about "Just like heaven"??

  16. I hate the fact that Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter can't be on this list.

  17. When you realize the 19th entry is inspired by an episode of Jimmy neutron 😆

  18. Uh, The Cutting Edge please!

  19. Watched every one of those. I guess I do have a preferred trope. Enemies to lovers are the best when done right 🧡

  20. So freaking awesome love this 😀❤

  21. Movies in the video :

    19. It's a boy girl thing

    18. Dirty dancing

    17. The ugly truth

    16. Life as we know it

    15. Moonstruck

    14. Star Wars

    13. Singin' in the rain

    12. Groundhog Day

    11. La la land

    10. Leap year

    9. The Princess diaries 2: the royal engagement

    8. The proposal

    7. The breakfast club

    6. Much ado than nothing

    5. You've got mail

    4. 10 things I hate about you

    3. When Harry met Sally

    2. Star Wars 1977

    1. Pride and prejudice

  22. love the enemies to lovers trope

  23. 8:55 isnt he the actor of the notebook movie?
    Btw which movie is in the thubnail yaa…

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