Top 20 Funniest Comedy Movie Scenes of the Century (So Far)

Prepare to laugh. For this list, we’re taking a look at the funniest comedy movie scenes of the century so far. Our countdown includes “Zoolander”, “21 Jump Street”, “Super Troopers”, “Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy”, “Tropic Thunder”, and more! Did YOUR favorite comedy movie scene make the list? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. What do you think is the funniest movie scene of the Century? Comment your favourite below!

  2. James Franco is a creepo
    That Emma Watson be looking a little different now eee

  3. Let's post 20 hilarious scenes and then narrate over the clips and explain the jokes… It completely ruins the scenes picked, let the clips breathe instead of narrating every single little detail.

  4. I came to watch ACTUAL comedy movie scenes, not a FUCKING COMMENTARY on them

  5. I don’t like the actors in 21 jump street but that sign almost made me die from laughing for too long and too hard.

  6. really….Bridesmaids is number one?….Dislike

  7. Inbetweeners 2 the waterslide scene makes me cry everytime

  8. Bad Boys 2 who the fuck is Reggie scene I laugh everytime I watch it lol

  9. It would be awesome if you let the scenes talk for themselves

  10. The pleasant theater neurally ask because line startlingly roll round a various son. descriptive, evanescent drug

  11. How the hell do you leave out the Gina speed dating scene or the Jay/Kevin Hart fight from 40 Year Old Virgin?

  12. Hot Tub Time Machine!! Pretty much the whole movie is hilarious!

  13. I didn't think Napoleon's dance was really funny, it was good though. I loved when he gets hit with the steak and when he gets electrocuted.

  14. Don't ever give an all women scene number 1

  15. The Nice guys is one of the best movies in cinema history, one that you can watch over and over again

  16. Of the century? You sure? Y’all went back almost 20 years. That’s it?

  17. How about the world's most annoying sound in the world, Dumb and Dumber

  18. Very disappointed that grandma's boy wasn't in this list

  19. how can the hangover movies not make this? This list is terrible

  20. The fact that the waking up scene from The Hangover isn't in this list is an OUTRAGE!

  21. Yo is that t Cruz from Coach Carter in Old School???!

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