top 100 songs of the 2000s

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  1. if you would ever consider supporting my channel, please follow the link to this cool website. you can buy me a smoothie (i don't drink coffee) or show continuous monthly support. youtube doesn't provide me with any financial support, so the time i have to work on my channel is limited to the hours i don't have to work my regular job.

  2. No smartphones, no YouTube, no Instagram, social networks were not so popular. We sent these songs using Bluetooth. It was wonderful time.

  3. In 00s I studied at school. It was the happiest time in my life.

  4. I was born in 2001 and I litterally grew up listening to all of these songs and more

  5. From Malaysia..Great childhood for 2000's kids..Now im 32 years old..

  6. I'm crying because of them memories coming in xd

  7. I really don't know what to say about this dislikes except they are crazy…

  8. No basement jaxx???????? Who the hell made this list…..

  9. Look at 2000-2005 music compared to 2006-2009 music. I don’t know about you, but I see a huge difference.

  10. Насколько жеж музыка нулевых не оч…

  11. I forgot about some of these!

  12. it was best 14 mins in my life

  13. In my country the best-selling English songs of the decade are Hips don't Lie (Shakira), I gotta feeling (BEP), Hung Up (Madonna).

  14. wow what a nostalgic songs, wonderful ones ..😍😍

  15. Where is smack that from akon??!!

  16. makes me sad to listen because i remember the good old days, and makes me also sad because they dont play those music anymore on the radio

  17. I had a feeling that We belong together would be the number one

  18. to much electric music, to much electric voice for me, was better songs

  19. year 2000's is full pf genre that got hit song. pop, punk, rap, rock, r&b and more.

  20. This person forgot to mention Akon- dangerous
    Iiyaz – replay
    Jay sean – down down
    Jeezy – put on

  21. Beautiful girls
    Hit home

  22. I was born in 2009 and I know 59 of these

  23. Where is Chamillionaire – Ridin ?

  24. slim shady at 76th wtf is this list

  25. 2000's was like the 90's on steroids

  26. I miss that period so much..

  27. 1969-1999 <> 30 Years Of Unrepeated Musical Genious's & Legends That NOBODY Will Ever Witness Again !! — And what do singers like " Buble ! Beyonce ! & various * New Kids On The Block " offer the Music World ? …… Just a re-hash of the past 3x Decades which can't ever be beaten ! PERIOD ! Music of today merely evolves, and disappears just as quickly. Conversely – the Legend's of yester-years will remain forever ! FACT !

  28. где boomfunk mcs freeestyler?????

  29. pop music is always cringe

  30. not agree with the line up.. %70 of the songs are fair to be on the list, it was more than %90 for 90ies list. looks like you like beyonce,shakira, agilera, lady gaga and rihanna more..

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