TOP 10 | War Films – you probably haven’t seen

TOP 10 War Films – you probably haven’t seen.

I’ve put together a top 10 list of war films that you may not have seen or even heard of, but trust me, each one of these films is superb. There are both modern and WWII films in this list as well as documentaries.

They are not in any particular order as each one is a great film in its’ own right. Settle down for a few minutes to check out the action then go and watch them all.

Special thanks to my patreon: Drew Z and supporter J0K3R5

Here’s the full list so you can be sure to find them.

The Hornet’s Nest


Cross Of Iron


Nefes: Vatan Sagolsun (The Breath)

9th Company

Fortress Of War

The Front Line

Tae Guk Gi: The Brotherhood of War



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  1. Great list, thanks.
    I particularly like that it is not the usual protagonists, wars, perspectives.
    And also that it is a better clipped vid than just 'back to back trailers'
    A couple more:

  2. "Cross of Iron" is an awesome film!!
    But you should've included "Kajaki"; a very underated film.

  3. I recommend films from my country
    The Polish branch performs conciliation tasks in Bosnia, in accordance with the UN program. The commander of the unit takes action contrary to the regulations, he is to be sent back to the country on a criminal basis. But then comes a call for help from a Norwegian helicopter pilot who was forcibly landing in the mountains.


    In 2004, the headquarters of the local government in Karbala, Iraq, City Hall, is attacked by al-Qaeda and the sadists. A group of Polish and Bulgarian soldiers repels further attacks.

    Happy watching and best regards

  4. Come and See should be top of the list.

  5. Thanks for putting the names up there. It sucks when you have to watch and listen for the whole thing. It’s the name and a short clip. Perfect thanks bro

  6. I've read that the director didn't particularly like his own movie, but Andrei Tarkovsky's 'Ivan's Childhood' is just perfect. There's no shooting. It's dark, realistic, psychological study of a little boy behind the German lines in the USSR. Check it out!

  7. Korean movie looks really good. There are not enough films about that conflict.

  8. (Black Hawk Dawn )👑 of all time

  9. Restrepo and it's companion book 'War' both by Sebastian Junger (The Perfect Storm) are remarkable.

  10. is that the clearest picture you have..?

  11. I have seen a few of these but thanks for recommending movies i havent seen

  12. Come and See

    The most haunting film I ever saw

  13. Good video, but make the clips longer.

  14. Seen nearly half of these movies!

  15. The Beast and When Trumpets Fade

  16. the first scene? what is the name of film?

  17. I would add Polish ''Kanal'' 1957 about Warsaw Uprising , '' The Savior'' with Denis Quaid and Russian '' The Balkan Line '' . Cross of Iron a classic . Young Lions with Marlon Brando .

  18. Don’t know how beast isn’t here

  19. Cross Of Iron was loosely based on German WW2 soldier Willi Heinreich’s book The Willing Flesh. Although the book is fictional Willi did serve in the Crimea.

  20. Might add The Siege of Jadotville to the list. 🙂

  21. I was gonna say Armadillo, but you got it. Maybe you do know your war films. 🤙

  22. 9:56 You don't run out of a building into the open to attack, that's just stupid and a hollywood idea of war

  23. Absolutely gobsmacked! Superb 👌💯

  24. I was in a the hornets nest one time knocked me off my toes.

  25. cross of iron is the best wwii flic out there [imho]

  26. Definitely have to check some of these out. "What about Come and See"…By far my favourite Russian war film

  27. The Koreans are making some awesome films. Of this list of ten I've only seen three, so I'll git on it. I'd add several. Straffbat, a Russian TV series, is excellent. The English subtitles are nonsense so you need to speak Russian. Prisoner of the Mountains is a great Russian film about the war in Chechnya. And Warriors of Heaven and Earth is a great Chinese film about Chinese, Mongols, and Turks in the Central Asian borderlands several hundred years ago. Another good one. And don't miss the German Unser Mutter Unser Vater.

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