Top 10 Times Martial Artists Went Beast Mode

Check out our featured song: “Try A Likkle More” by Jonathan Emile!

These scenes kicked ass and took names. For this list, we’ll be ranking the moments in martial arts films where characters (and actors) gave it their all. Our countdown includes “Shaolin and Wu Tang”, “The Raid: Redemption”, “Ip Man”, and more! Did YOUR favorite martial arts moment make the list? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Who is your favorite martial artist to watch go beast mode? Any we missed? – And check out our featured song: "Try A Likkle More" by Jonathan Emile!

  2. None of these are examples of a martial artist "going beast mode." This is all fake-ass choreography.

  3. Oh come on! The finale battle between Rama and Andi vs Mad Dog from the Raid certainly deserves a spot!

  4. Ip man was a Kung Fu practicioner and instructor not a movie fighter.Mike Tyson is a professional fighter with many accomplishments and recently in movie scenes.Good choreography can make a dead man look skilled, LMFAO just saying.I'm sure some of those wushu practicioners are quite flexible and fast but really ? 6 guys with swords vs 1 guy ? Too funny to watch.6 blind guys with swords would be dangerous.

  5. "The body is not meant for sexual immorality but for the Lord and the Lord for the body 1 Corinthians 6:13

  6. jet lee vs jet lee is the most beast fight on the one

  7. If IP Man wasn't number 1, I'da rioted

  8. My honorable mention goes to the first Police Story with Jackie Chan, where he went into Cop form of Beast Mode to chasing after bad guys on the briefcase with computer data, its messy with destroying props in the mall, brutal of the moves and pretty much life risking, especially the infamous scene where Jackie jumps and slides down on the electrical pole that not only he was electrocuted, but also having a second degree burn on his hands, broken back and dislocation of his pelvis. This stunt nearly killed himself, but it is amazing how he got away without dying.

  9. Nothing can beat Jackie Chan police story mall fight

  10. 3 words; Enter the Dragon!

  11. Most of these are utterly unrealistic fights……

  12. If you watch the history of Mortal Kombat you will see that Johnny Cage's character is modeled after Jean-Claude Van Damme's character Frank Dux because Mortal Kombat was actually supposed to be a game based on Bloodsport but things got screwed up along with contracts and next thing you know you have Mortal Kombat

  13. number 1 shoulda been The Protector with tony jaa when he's looks in the restaurant looking for his elephant.

  14. " Scarred for life in a fight scenes gone wild!!!"☯️ "Gangs used challenge him because they thought he was a fake!!" It was the most dangerous martial arts 🥋 film of all time!….Enter: The Dragon 🐉Gave Bruce Lee international fame & negative attention from those who didn't like his way of martial arts! That's BEAST MODE fighting your way🤜 In & Out 🤛 of the movies set!!

  15. you could make a list with Donnie Yen alone

  16. I mean this is essentially just a top 10 martial arts movie…

  17. Donnie Yeh and Tony Jaa go crazy

  18. Is it just me, or did someone else here in number four in the background, red Robin?

  19. When actors goes beast mode.

  20. Bruce Leroy – "I am the master" moment from The Last Dragon.

  21. Just once I'd like to see someone's Monkey Style kung-fu involve them hurling literal feces….just like a monkey.

  22. What about the the stairs sequence in The first Protector movie starting Tony Jaa? Feels like that should be number one. And that it was a one shot take makes it better. But Ong Bak is good too. Just kinda disappointing they didn't look in to it. At all….

  23. #6 tried to RUIN this list … thank goodness for the others listed!

  24. 3 Donnie Yen entries is not enough 😂

  25. IP Man with English audio is a crime against humanity. All three movies are really good and Donnie Yen is amazing. I loved his fight with Sammo Hung.

  26. I know ip man will be 1# hes best

  27. How dare you mark Van Damme's fight over Donnie Yen's?!?!?!

  28. Is it just me or are the first and last picks both awkward English dubs of the original japanese version

  29. It's not Boyaa It's BOYKAAAAAAAAA

  30. no.1 should be The Raid 2 Final Fight

  31. Jet Li “ Kiss of the Dragon “ !

  32. nahh tony ja gets number one with that.. scene when he fight a bunch of guys in protector i think it was

  33. What about Hero starring Jet LI? That was a masterpiece!

  34. Watch majo made a blunder by including a fight scene from the movie Bloodsport over, the numerous scenes from the Tony Jaa movie 'The Protector's aka 'Tom Yoong Goong'

  35. Donnie Yen vs Wu Jing in SPL

  36. LOL, not 'monkey style' he's actually using 'tiger claw' which you can clearly see when he makes contact with the trees and tears some bark of the trees. So it's actually tiger claw.

  37. That ending drum cut is perfectly on point

  38. Some nice picks on there, I would recommend you check out the older Tsui Hark film “The Blade.” It put the “Beast” in beast mode.

  39. His is the best of altime Donnie Yen

  40. no Jet li Kiss of the Dragon Dojo

  41. How and why did Bloodsport make this list?

  42. I didn’t realize just how bad the ip man dub is.

  43. Jet Li: "Who's your daddy" as he breaks out the belt and gives him the whuppin' with it

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