Top 10 Thriller Movies of 2020

If you want know the best thrilling movies you should definitely watch our picks for the best thriller movies of 2020. All suspenseful films in this ranking were released in 2020.

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Movies in this Ranking:
10. Archive (2020): (00:28)
9. The Hunt (2020): (01:21)
8. I’m Thinking of Ending Things (2020): (02:18)
7. Extraction (2020): (03:16)
6. Run (2020): (04:09)
5. Escape from Pretoria (2020): (05:06)
4. The Invisible Man (2020): (06:03)
3. The Devil All the Time (2020): (06:59)
2. The Trial of the Chicago 7 (2020): (07:58)
1. Tenet (2020): (09:46)

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  1. Shk n 🍃, best couple. Evrthing mateches.

  2. the silencing and lost girls and love hotels

  3. There is only one program in someone's mind in the a.i. all was a look alike.

  4. Escape from Pretoria is very underrated

  5. Run and Invisible Man were awesome!!!

  6. escape from preotoria was amazing!!!

  7. The Trial of Chicago 7 was exhausting.

  8. The real robot there is the leading man. What a twist


  10. Do you guys know this movie? .. There's a man or i think he's a stranger living behind the lead character's house and then she began to experience something

  11. Tenet is a pure crap #
    Forget de cast and director

  12. Every producer now is casting Avengers in theri movie

  13. Where can I watch most of these movies? Are they on netflix, Hulu,or prime ?

  14. 2020 was lousy year for thriller movies it seems… are even half of these thrillers? so awful movies

  15. Unhinged was one of the top movies of the year( next to TENET of course).

  16. "The devil all the time" is a very nice movie. Just finished watching it.

  17. "Im thinking of ending"must watch or you will regret

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