Top 10 Sci-Fi Movies That Will Become Classics

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These films take us to the world of tomorrow… today! For this list, we’re looking at 21st century science fiction films that will become future classics, including “Inception” (2010), “Her” (2013), “Ex Machina” (2015), “Arrival” (2016), “The Martian” (2015), and more! What do YOU think is the best modern sci-fi movie? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. The 45th Saturn Awards are streaming live on WatchMojo at 9pm EST(6pm PST)! Click here to find the stream and set a reminder:

  2. Excluding superhero flex….. thank god… marvel is so predictable it’s boring

  3. About District 9 – I liked the idea, craft, camera, effects, but the all around story is full of illogical holes and really can't ever happend this way in real world, where USA exist… and not just that – the way the people just let scary aliens live along them and then try to apply human laws on them is so domb, that it is unrel. And there is much more, when you dont turn your brain off. Same with Eliseum – i like his craft and skills as director, but he should give his stories to somene els to remake them that they make sens at least.

  4. you forgot, arrival ( 2016 )

  5. Except for The Martian and Ex Machina, everything else on this list sucked. Esp Arrival (which was apparently #1 on this list) sucked ass.

  6. Arrival is a fucking amazing movie.

    It keeps the mystery of how aliens would look while also not keeping them out of sight constantly.

    It grasps the concept of "alien technology we cannot even comprehend" so well! It just feels like "woah, they transcend us". And that's what a good alien movie should make you feel.

    It doesn't focus on the "quantum alien nanotech" too much and doesn't focus on the "human emotion"-part too much. It's juuust right. It just makes a logical scenario and feeling all the way through the movie.

  7. Source Code deserves to be in the list.

  8. Edge of Tomorrow is the best one among all of them.

  9. Does anybody know the name of the movie showing in the cover, can you tell me please? Thanks in advance.

  10. Annihilation is the single worst shittiest most uninteresting movie that I've ever seen, if this movie is in this list than, this has to be a shitty channel

  11. Puts children of men high on the list and doesn't even talk about interstellar. What a joke (: get out of the internet lol

  12. Arrival: very boring, no sci fi action and not much in the story.

  13. How could you put arrival at number 1? There are other movies more deserving of that place

  14. I was so happy when blade runner 2049 got the first place. Wait, where is it?

  15. Arrival is one of my favorite movies of all time… one of the most beautifully told stories ever.

  16. No upgrade movie?? It's awesome

  17. what about Alien or Aliens ?

  18. "Uuuh Kat ehguood Kaptk peetgoou" is what the District 9 alien said in response to Wiccus asking about the black fluid.
    Play it over and over again at 3:42 and you'll hear it.

  19. I hate Interstellar. Somehow it makes space seem small.

  20. wtf?
    you mean the film which steals the entire idea from the novel ?
    it's a faithful adaptation, but besides the screenplay,
    it's just an adaptation.
    it's like saying harry potter is the best fantasy movie, it has a good plot and ending, but it's hard to enjoy the movie after the secret was revealed when half of your run time is based on the mystery of one secret.
    best sci without a doubt goes to 2001 space odyssey.
    Stanley Kubrick constructed the film for different interpretations, which makes it never gets old.
    And the visual is still ahead of time even in today's standard.

  21. 10 edge of tomorrow 0:52
    9 annihilaton 1:52
    And ironicly, district 9 is number 8 2:46
    7 3:45 the martian
    6 eternal sunshine on.. 4:36
    5 inception 5:32
    4 her 6:20
    3 ex machina 7:20
    2 children of men 8:16
    1 arrival 10:16

  22. Where is attack the block

  23. Passengers is my suggestion

  24. The Martian should be higher up, I recommened the book.

  25. So is The Martian good? I've read the book, how about the movie?

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