Top 10 Sad Romance Movies

If you like to cry in a sad romantic story you should definitely watch our picks for the best sad romance movies.

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We missed your favorite Sad Romantic Movie? Let us know in the comments! 

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Movies in this Ranking:
10. Love, Rosie (2014): (00:29)
9. Revolutionary Road (2008): (01:23)
8. One Day (2011): (02:20)
7. Me Before You (2016): (03:14)
6. A Walk to Remember (2002): (04:09)
5. Blue Valentine (2010): (05:06)
4. The Fault in Our Stars (2014): (06:06)
3. The Notebook (2004): (07:04)
2. Atonement (2007): (08:01)
1. Titanic (1997): (09:47)

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  1. HELP!
    Please Someone help me find a movie.I only remember a scene.its a romance movie. Scene goes like this.
    The actor knocks on the door.a girl opens the door.The actor tells how much he's been following her for years and tells her how much he's in love with her .and When she asks if he knew her
    .He replies "I've got my whole life to find out".
    He even gets punched by the girls fience.

  2. I realises how much I addicted to romentic movies when I seen this video.
    Watched all the movies which are on list

  3. The notebook should be number 1…. I mean why everytime Titanic 🙄

  4. I've watched 8 of the movies on this list.
    Atonement & One Day next on my list

  5. one of my very favorite list ever ❤ number one is one of the very best movies ever

  6. Ps i love you ❤ the time tarveler wife❤

  7. Love Rosie❤ One day💙 a walk to remember ❤ the Notebook❤ Titanic💙 atonement❤ remember me💙

  8. Missing La La Land 😰😰

  9. One day is sooooo sad but so good! Same with Blue Valentine; it broke my soul and my heart but I love it.

  10. Today's list was really the best one

  11. Titanic is the most romantic yet the most dramatic movie ever. I just love it

  12. Forrest Gump
    The Fault In Our Stars
    The Theory Of Everything
    Romeo & Juliet('96)
    Love Actually
    La La Land

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