Top 10 Sad Romance Movies

If you like to cry in a sad romantic story you should definitely watch our picks for the best modern sad romance movies. All sad romance films in this ranking were released after the year 2000.

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Movies in this Ranking:
10. Love, Rosie (2014): (00:29)
9. Revolutionary Road (2008): (01:23)
8. One Day (2011): (02:20)
7. Me Before You (2016): (03:14)
6. A Walk to Remember (2002): (04:09)
5. Blue Valentine (2010): (05:06)
4. The Fault in Our Stars (2014): (06:06)
3. The Notebook (2004): (07:04)
2. Atonement (2007): (08:01)
1. Titanic (1997): (09:47)

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  1. I can't believe you didn't add
    Call me by your name
    500 days of summer
    I mean they are dope

  2. Hello? What about Romeo and Juliet

  3. Me before you is a remake of the bollywood movie guzaarish ig

  4. The fault in our Stars is one of the best movie i have ever Seen in my Life

  5. They missed " To all the bright places "

  6. what shit ass list not one gay n poc movie wtf romance is not only for straight White ppl i have watched most of these n they're not even that tragic boring n hella cliché not even the good old cliche

  7. Any females that want that 1940s notebook type shit hit me up 😂

  8. Before sunrise should be on the list.

  9. Titanic and walk to remember

  10. If anyone remembers watching any movie with following plotline, plz let me know (I'm going crazy😅) -' The husband and wife (actor & actress) are coming back in a cab at night & they are met with an accident and the wife dies. But the next day, the actor gets to relive that day and he tries his best to avert the accident by trying to make his wife understand but when he realises no matter what he do, the outcome of the day would remain same, he spends a very romantic day with his wife. At the end of the day, the accident again happens but this time the husband dies.'

  11. You missin out the midnight sun

  12. these movies were just awesome … i watched all of them … the fault in our stars literally made me cry in the end .
    first time i liked your top 10 movies list

  13. The best of me should also be placed here

  14. Hey! Thanks a lot! I just needed to feel some romantic love after my First left me 🙁 its been 8-9 months now, sadly she never loved me. 🙁
    Love rosie is truly an awesome film and it is full of feelings. 🙂 Not irl, but at least I could be happy for love for once 🙂

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