Top 10 Russian War Movies

Here is the list of top 10 Russian war movies.

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Some other top suggestions:
The 9th company • Enemy at the gates • Come and see • Only old men are going into battle • The Turkish gambit

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  1. Come and See (1985) and The Ascent (1977) are two brilliant Russian war films also worth seeing.

  2. Movie 1 and 2 are very bad movies
    Like the most Russian and Hollywood movies

    And when you want a good movie about Stalingrad watch Starling 1993 that's historical accurate

  3. Why there is nit mentioned that Battle of Sevastopol movie was about the best female sniper in WW2 with few hundred kills? Some has problems with women.

  4. lol "shared experience feeling so craved by American audiences"

  5. " 9 company", "The Star" (about war scouts", "August of 1944" (About SMERSH-NKVD), "Dzhulbars (about border guards and their dogs against nazi)

  6. This is not a movie, these are handicrafts of contemporary Russian filmmakers. Muddy shit, designed to spoil the feat of the Soviet people. If you want good Russian war films see:
    Go and see
    Soldier's father
    Only old men go to battle
    And the dawns here are quiet

  7. What about the captive ?

  8. Кроме 28 панфиловцев всё остальноё – говно различной степени концистенции.

  9. All the films featured in this video are shit, wasted time and budget. If you want to watch our good films about the war, watch our old films, years before 2000.

  10. Do not watch any of new era Russian movies about Great Patriotic War! All the movies mentioned are waste of time! Watch Soviet movies about war! They will be 100 times better! I watched some of the movies mentioned “Stalingrad” is a disgrace to memory of Red Army and to people whom fought in the major battle of WWII! White Tanks is not bad, but nothing special. Search for Soviet war movies, if you want great acting, story and historical accuracy!

  11. As a Russian, I would call it the worst films about the war, with the exception of The Battle of Sevastopol and The Brest Fortress, these are films about real people and events. Of course, some scenes and characters are fictional, such as a boy in the Brest fortress and a scene with a spy. Otherwise, films tell about people and events with documentary accuracy. The rest of the films are based on events that took place, and on real people, but there are a lot of political lies and ridiculous fiction of the film business, which has nothing to do with reality.

  12. As russian i can say with 100% accuracy this list sucks cause almost all films here are garbage. Nowadays war films are too unrealistic and luck of devotion. Only The "Brest Fortress" and may be "Panfilov's 28 Men" are worth watching. Please, consider watching only USSR war films, not this corrupted crap.

  13. "T-34" (2018)
    "Stalingrad" (2013)
    "Saving Leningrad" (2019)
    "Panfilov's 28 Men" (2016)
    "Indestructible" (2018)
    "Battle For Sevastopol" (2015)
    "Rzhev" (2019)
    "White Tiger" (2012)
    "The Dawns Here Are Quiet" (2015)
    "The Brest Fortress" (2010)

  14. Доброе время суток. Кроме панфиловцев, Брестской крепости и Ржева все фильмы дерьмо! Стыдно должно быть что тут нету «иди и смотри»

  15. Come and See is a Byelorussian film which is why it's probably not included on a Best Russian War Film list

  16. Enemy at the gate is the best

  17. Из этого всего можно выделить только фильм "Брестская крепость", ну может ещё "28 панфиловцев" с натяжкой. Остальное – антисоветчина скрытая и явная.

  18. иди и смотри (come and see) the most realistic war movie till date.

  19. The belo-russian film COME & SEE is really the best depiction of the eastern front though it was not russian.

  20. May the Russians forgive me, but I don't like these new, CGI-heavy productions at all.
    Russian/Soviet movies I love are:
    The Liberation, 1970/71
    War, 2002
    Afghan Breakdown, 1991
    Peshawar Waltz, 1994.

    Any more of these kind of movies You could recommend?

  21. Sar This movie how to download in hindi dubbed in India please help us

  22. white tiger is patetic, for kids 12 years old

  23. T-34 was freaking amazing best Russian war movie I've seen I wish more were in English

  24. whos finished eft raid series and now wants more, ACTUAL realistic military movies, regardless of language

  25. Why doesn´t say anything about White Tiger? He could´ve said so much.

  26. Вообще ничего невозможно смотреть.
    За 30 лет после Советского Союза сняли только "Звезду" по мотивам одноименного фильма 1949 года и "В августе 44-го" по советской книге 74-го года. Все. Остальное вестернизированная и/или простенькая приторно-эмоциональная чушь для поколения пепси.

  27. From where I can download all these films? Anyone?

  28. What song are you playing through out your youtube feed?

  29. Come and See, should have been there, been trying to get the film.

  30. There are only 2 good movies on this list: "Brest fortress" and "28's Panfilov soldiers". The others movies from this list are stupid, deceitful, and vulgar. They have a good picture and special effects, but there is no intresting story, no real people's feelings, no reality in the characters, no atmosphere, and totally rewrite real history. Almost all of these movies have failed at the box office and have a very low audience rating.
    It's funny to read how other commentators want to add this list movies like "9 Company" and "Admiral". The same dumb shit with special effects as the Hollywood's "Enemy at the Gate".

    Want the best russian WW2 movies? Watch Soviet films:

    Hot snow
    Come and see
    And the dawns are quiet here (1972, not remake 2015)
    Ballade of the soldier
    Liberation (Ozerov)
    Only old men go into battle
    They fought for the Motherland
    17 moments of spring (12 episodes)

    Post USSR movies are worse than Soviet masterpiece, but there are some decent ones.

    In August 44
    We are from the future
    The Cuckoo
    28's panfilovs
    Brest Fortress

  31. Saving leningrad was crap. Other than that i loved all other movies on this list. What I would add: The Star (Zvezda), 9th company (movie about Afghanistan), Come and see, Road to Berlin (doroga na berlin)

  32. 9th company, Admiral… Ozerov's movies about battles for Kursk, Moscow and Berlin are also awesome.

  33. How is it possible that you have not mentioned "Come and See", directed by Elem Klimov? :-O

  34. The new Stalingrad movie was kinda crap compared to the old one.

  35. Brest fortress is a story about the land you took from Poland, and now it is time to pay for it. I watched that with pleasure.

  36. Russian war movies excels Hollywood's portrayal of Germans as absolute worthless useless fucktards with fighting skills equals a frog. Such movies are entertaining and boost Russian petty nationalism, but are utterly unrealistic

  37. Lookslike they have not modern movie war😬

  38. Please, increase the volume of the background piano music. Thank you.

  39. Nothing on Afghanistan? Or the war war against Japan (either one)

  40. l hate that piano in background!

  41. Russia has a bloody, bloody history. From the very start of their invasion of that area.
    Then they're using war movies to inspire youth to emulate behaviors desired by their government. Same as the U.S. Mind control and people are not even aware they're being controlled, but proven they are by wanting to be soldiers.

  42. Sorry, but the 10 best has to include Ivan's Childhood. We saw it while studying Russian at the Defense Language Institue in Monterey CA. In America they changed the name to My Name is Ivan.

  43. I've seen most of them and liked them all. The video seemed to just glide past "White Tiger" which while quirky, has outstanding tank battle scenes.

  44. All 10 movies are about WWII. I wish they made movies about any of their other wars as well.

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