Top 10 Romantic Comedy Movies of 2019

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  1. Isn’t it Romantic
    The Last Summer
    Always Be My Maybe
    Plus One
    Last Christmas
    Under the Silver Lake
    Falling Inn Love
    Long Shot
    Five Feet Apart

  2. Romantic yes,not comedy though

  3. 0:48 Imagine waking up and see Lucifer over you, lmao

  4. Man Jack Quaid really looks like his dad.

  5. Love the trailer infinite love very entertainment like

  6. "Always be my Maybe" was a very good movie. Better than the usual romantic comedy bullshit. Lot's of small twists, funny moments. If you don't watch this movie, "You cute but you dumb"

  7. just form the trailer of five feet apart i am bawling … God knows what the movie will do to me

  8. five feet apart is a TRAGEDY END OF

  9. Long shot is the best for me!

  10. 50first date is most amazing movie..

  11. Five feet apart 😍😍😍

  12. Under the silver lake falls more under mystery/ thriller genre.

  13. Can u keep a secret is one of the best comedy romantic movies I've watched would rlly recommend

  14. The best for me YESTERDAY ♥️

  15. just finished watching ''last christmas'' i'm bawling my eyes out rn… that plot twist was unpredictable

  16. I am going to watch the last summer

  17. Trust me LONG SHOT is the best movie in this list
    By far.

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